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My name is Jodi. I'm 31 years old & live in Massachusetts with my husband, Michael, our son, Hunter, & our cat, Onyx. I am also the mother of another precious baby boy, named Nicholas, who was a full term stillborn baby on December 15th, 1998 at 41 weeks gestation. We don't know what caused his death to happen before he was born. We stopped asking the question of "Why?" & moved on with our lives. Three months after Nicholas's passing, I found out I was pregnant again. But, the joy of being pregnant again didn't last very long. On April 23rd, 1999, I went in for my first ultrasound. The tech was very quiet during the scan & I knew that something was wrong. She told me that there was no heartbeat - my baby was gone. For some reason, the miscarriage didn't hit me as hard as to when we lost Nicholas. I can't explain it. So, on May 4th, 1999, I had a D&C done & it was the worst pain I ever felt. It hurt much worse than losing Nicholas.

About four and half months went by & we weren't really trying for me to get pregnant again, but on September 16th, 1999, I knew something wasn't right. I stopped at the store on my way home from work & bought 2 pregnancy tests. I took one as soon as I got home. After I took the test, there was that second line - I was pregnant again for the third time. We had a lot of doubts & fears if this baby would make it. I went in to see my midwife (who was still with the practice at the time) on October 14th, 1999. We chatted for a little bit & then she brought me over to the ultrasound room. The tech started the scan & then about 2 minutes later she said to me, "Oh yeah, you're pregnant. There's the sac with the heart beating." She turned the monitor around to show me & there was this little light flashing constantly on the screen - that was the heartbeat. After a long, hard struggle, our son, Hunter was born on June 2nd, 2000 at 2:48 am - he was 8 lb. 11 oz. & 20 1/2 inches. He was definitely a true miracle for us.

I was originally a member of this wonderful site, but one day, Fiona (the former director) emailed me & asked me if I wanted to take over the site. I really had to think about it. She & I set up a time to chat and we discussed it. I told her that I would do it. So, now, I'm the new director of the Heaven Babies Association. There is a live chat room on the site that you can to go, plus we have graphics for your sites, special gifts to put on your sites for visiting us. There are also numerous free downloads such as birthstones/flowers, days of the week children,etc. Also, If you wish, I will make a memorial for your babies for you to come and visit.
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