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Because the award is very prestigious, that means that your site is one of the absolute best on the Internet. Many sites enter, but very few make the cut. This award symbolizes excellence and high quality standards, all demonstrated by your website.  
Again, we extend our sincerest congratulations to you for the hard work you invested in creating a successful website.  (the bronze award is very difficult to win).
The Golden Web Award is presented to those sites whose web design, originality and content have achieved levels of excellence deserving of recognition.
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The Heaven Babies Association has won the "Support Site of the Year" award from A Treasure In Heaven website. I would like to thank all of those who voted for us to win this wonderful award. We are so glad that we are able to help those who are grieving the loss of their angels. We will continue to give our support to those who need it. Thank you so much!!

Love always,
Jodi ~ Director, The Heaven Babies Association

"Your site was in our number one spot on the ATIH Support Site of the Year Listing. We are pleased to present you with our award and ask only that you link it back to the list at
Thank you for your participation on our Listing and for reaching out to other grieving parents.
Many Hugs,
Julie Blair Lane
founder, A Treasure In Heaven"

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