Peppys Almost Angel

This filly is a super sweet girl with lots of talent! Quick learner.

She will go any direction you wish.


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BB Vandys Flashdance  2003 AQHA Sorrel mare

Scarlet has all the chrome you would want!! She is also athletic and could go any direction you want.


Doc Ivan Olena 2001 AQHA Palomino Gelding

Ivan has a nice doll head with short foxy ears, a wonderful hip and shoulder and a pretty neck.  He is athletic and shows some speed.  He has a wonderful disposition and has been easy to train. I believe he is roan, but him being palomino, it is difficult to tell for sure.  His sire only produced two foals before he was sold and gelded.   


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Pictures not online yet. Please e-mail for pictures.

Pictures not online yet. Please e-mail for pictures.

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