The Guardian's Lore
copyright Stephanie Pui-Mun Law
One day, in the halls of her Goddess, a young shamaness encountered a man named Flynn. Her Goddess seemed to know the man well and held him in great respect, even though he was vocally opposed to some of her ideas. This fancinated the lady. He spoke of tales and events that seemed impossible in this day and age. When she approched him, the two began to was then she learned he was of a time when the land was young and just forming...for hours he would tell her tales from the old days and of people she heard only whispered in great awe. All the while she wrote down the tales..she spend countless nights in the dusty rooms of the Mage's Guild reading up on things and found he was more than he said. Finally after much time, it is r eady to be shared.

So click upon the book below and enter my recordings of one of Cosrin's legenday men..Flynn, Guardian of Cosrin.
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