Possible Spoilers ahead- Beware
The data is from both HL:The Series & The Raven

850- Normandy
        Amanda is wandering around, hungry and gets bashed in the head  when stealing some bread.  Rebecca finds her and becomes her first teacher.  She atempts to take Rebecca's crystal and  run away; but she gets caught and stays with her teacher for years.

Methuselah's Gift

853- France
        Beheads her first immortal,Heingst the Saxon near Rebecca's castle
Methuselah's Gift

         Comes across Kenny, the immortal pest, ah, I mean child

          Caught stealing again, she is hung by the soldiers.Separated from Kenny

till 1186
        Searches for Kenny after her death.

1190-France or England ?
        Partied  with Richard the Lionheartbefore he left on the Crusades. 
Lady and the Tiger
Love and Death

1327- France or Italy
        Amanda is made godmother to  one of  Petrarch  Laura 's 11 children.
Love and Death

1554- England
        Joining immortal lover Jeremy Dexter,  Amanda manages to relieve Queen
Mary of some of her treasures.
Thick As Thieves

1565- Bourgoyne,France
        Amanda is friend, teacher, & protector  to Christina, the daughter of the Duke but  the young woman is killed by  immortal Vladimir Rankov.
The Manipulator

1610- The Netherlands
        Amanda exposes Evan Peyton,  immortal just the last year and adopted son  of the Count, as the poisoner of his brother to gain the family inheritance.
Dead On Arrival

1635- Verona, Italy
          While walking the streets with Rebecca, she meets Duncan MacLeod of the clan Macleod.  She steals from him;-)

1643-Black Forest
          Amanda helps deliver a whore's baby for a disabled midwife. Both she and 
the midwife are appreheneded as witches and sentenced to burn at the stake by immortal  Julian Heller.
The Ex-Files

1720 -The Bahamas
          Amanda helps 2 recently freed slaves gain passage to America.

        Mozart dropped Amanda for his work
Love and Death

          Stealing again but let's Duncan take the blame
Lady and The Tiger

1753- Turkey
          Amanda the belly dancer- caught stealing from the Sultan. Duncan saves her butt again!
Finale Pt.2

1776- British front, New York
          Amanda fails to save the mother of a new immortal and hears Liam
make his vow to God.
War and Peace

1792-French Countryside
         While in the company of a Duke, Amanda is mistaken as an aristocrat and sentenced to "Lady Guillotine". Talia Bauer,the immortal who captured and sentenced her, later decides to save her, asking for repayment in the future.

         Allied with Zachary Blaines she commits robbery (what else?) escapes by taking Duncan's  horse and let's him take the fall for her.
Lady and the Tiger

         May have modeled for sculptor, Rodin.
Lady and the Tiger

1867- Manchester, England
        Amanda gets her first taste of kidnapping thanks to immie Derek Markham 
but it isn't to her liking. He  "convinces" her to marry him to gain protection. That doesn't stop her from turning in her new husband.
Love and Death

1888-San Francisco,USA
         The 'French' Amanda bumps into Duncan, wins his friend's, Kit O'Brady's,  Saloon and goes to comfort a  friend , Alec Hill, on the death of his wife .
Double Eagle

1897-New York,USA
         Friends with silversmith, Morgan Kenworthy. He and his son get killed and Morgan  becomes immortal.

1907-China Coast
         An immortal named Korda observes Amanda's abilities and  briefly takes her  under his wing as a pupil. She developes some interesting new techniques.
A Matter of Time

         Amanda outsmarts immortal Jade, a longtime thieving competitor and   successfully steals a large diamond.
The Frame

          Antonio Ravelli, a famous painter, uses Amanda as his model for "Nude 
  with Cabernet."
The Frame

April, 1912
         Amanda claims she sailed and sunk with the Titanic.
Devil You Know

1917-Western Front, France
         Amanda steals something from a pre-immie that, unknowlingly to her, will 
   affect the lives of many.
Unknown Soldier

1926-USA & France
         Working in the circus with Duncan and later with Zachary Blaine. Leaves the circus and goes to Chicago with him. Meets Corey Raines in Missouri? and robs everyone in sight in five states.
Money No Object

       Works in a nightclub. Steals some counterfeit plates but escapes with Duncan
The Return of Amanda

1950-United Kingdom
         Plays a spot of golf with Duncan and Fitz. Involved with theft of Stone of Scone. Or did this 'really' happen?
Stone of Scone

          Steals a Ming vase that she replaces with a fake one for Mario Cordoza, an immortal. To her shock, the building blows up.
Full Disclosure

          Turns down Alfred Hitchcock's offer as technical assistant on "To Catch A Thief" because she is too busy stealing diamonds from Count Rendeci.
Devil You KNow

1963-Theater District
          Amanda is reunited with old friend and flame, Marco Becker and his new wife, Lucy, at the premiere of their  play, Timeless.
Passion Play

 1968, Aug.20-Prague, CZ
          Dances with a spy named Charlie at the embassy. Dies in his arms.
So Shall Ye Reap

1993-Paris, France
          Working in the circus. Stealing again. Beheads Zachary Blaine.
Lady and the Tiger

         Meets up with Duncan. She needs saving again because the feds are after
her counterfeit  plates .
Return of Amanda

1994- Paris, France
          Luther wants all the crystals and has killed Rebecca, once his teacher, for hers. So Amanda fights him to revenge Rebecca's death and try to take back the crystals.

        Helps Duncan steal the Cross of St. Antoine from Durgan. Becomes Michelle's teacher.
Cross of St. Antoine
Rite of Passge

1995-Paris, France
         Breaks Kalas out of jail ( what was she thinking!). Gets kidnapped by him. Fights him but escapes. Tangos with Duncan  on Eiffel Tower.
Finale Pt. 1&2

         Meets up with Kit again:-) Reunited with Kenny. Steals with a new gal pal. Rescues Duncan (there's a nice change!)
Double Eagle
The Colonel

1996-Paris, France
         Her apartment is robbed by people looking for the crystals. Dyes her hair WHITE! as a  disguise? Gets her piece of the crystal back. Duncan and Amanda meet Danny Cimoli at the circus.
Methuselah's Gift
The Immortal Cimmoli

1996-Moscow, Russia
         Acting in the circus with Duncan
The Immortal Cimmoli

         Meets Carolyn Marsh, romance writer. Gets together with Corey Raines  and needs rescuing by Duncan yet again.
Dramatic Licence
Money No Object

1997-Paris, France
          Tries to save Duncan for a change from Stephen Keane's revenge.
Forgive Us Our Trespasses

1998-Paris, France
        Stops for a visits with Duncan but then gets kidnapped by Liam O'Rourke, an immortal that is after Duncan. This time it takes both Duncan and Methos to save her.
To Be
Not To Be

1998-Toronto, Newronto, Torago, Chironto?
         Stealing again. Meets Nick. Nick's partner, Claudia, dies saving Amanda. 
Tells Nick about  her immortality. Beheads Mario Cordoza.  Runs into Morgan
Kenworthy again. She tries to stop him from his revenge but Nick does the 
stopping and beheads him instead.
Full Disclosure

July 26 & 27, 1998-Toronto
         Plays newlywed with Nick while dodging  immortal Stephen Collier. Beheads him.

July, 1998- Chironto
         Amanda turns to Nick for help solving the mysterious death of a dear old friend's son.Using her 'special skills', Amanda helps a descendant of slaves
regain a priceless treasure while also finding a precious gift from her past. Nick
and Amanda in bed, bath and kiss!
So Shall Ye Reap

1998- Chironto
  Amanda assists Nick right a wrong from his first big case. John Ray Fieldings, once a victim of Amanda's thieving ways, comes back to make her pay for her crimes and helps her to face the consequences of her actions. Amanda is hired 
by Nick's boss, Bert Meyers, to help him clear up some of his past and is almost caught up in a murder wrap. Amanda helps Lucy face the truth about the death 
of her husband Marco when the immortal, Wilson, comes back to town.
Crime and Punishment
Unknown Soldier
Cloak and Dagger
Passion Play

October, 1998- Chironto
         An immortal named Victor Cole woos Amanda to get her help in stealing 
the Valentino Diamond, but the stone isn't all he's after. He's also after her pretty head. Andre Korda comes back into her life and tries to regain her as his pupil.
Devil You Know
A Matter of Time

November, 1998 - Paris, France
         Amanda follows Nick to France. Andre Korda gets bested by his 'student' Amanda. She and Bert Myers become partners when they take over Korda's bar. Amanda discovers that a rogue agent that is after both Bert and Nick is an immortal bent on revenge. So to protect both her friends and the revelation of immortality
she beheads Frank Brennan. It's payment time for Amanda when immortal Talia Bauer surfaces as the next 'bad guy' on Nick's client list, but Talia expects her life for Nick's as payment. Amanda repays her but then extracts her own 'payment'.
French Connection
The Rogue

1998 or 99 - Paris, France
         Once again Amanda goes head to head with immie thief Jade, this time over 
a $20 million painting owned by Sir Trevor Benton.  But who's the real bad guy?
Derek Markham, up to his same old tricks, reenters  Amanda's life but she is more interested in divorce, Immortal style.  Amanda discovers that an old friend, Jeremy Dexter is responsible for recent casino robberies and has to come up with a way 
to keep him from being apprehended and 'dealt with'  by Interpol.
The Frame
Love and Death
Thick As Thieves

1999-Paris, France
         Tim Helfet, a journalist (and Watcher), asks for help from Nick and Amanda, bringing her  face to face with a murderer from her past, Vladimir Rankov.  She kills him, avenging the death of Christina of Bourgoyne. When Lauren Wolfe, Nick's ex-wife, comes to town on an important law case,  Amanda finds herself torn between keeping friends safe, doing things their
way and paying back  Immortal Julian Heller for his longtime evil deeds. Amanda and Nick try to stop Father Liam from giving up his head to Sean, an immortal looking to avenge the death of his mother, thus exposing a 200 yr old secret  and lie Amanda has kept from Liam.  While working on a disappearance, Amanda finds instead Evan Peyton, immortal and magician , involved in grand  computer theft. Nick gets caught up with him trying to help her.
The Manipulator
The Ex-Files
War and Peace
Dead On Arrival

Some vague, indistinct events from the Lady's lips

  • Amanda has mentioned spending a springtime in Paris with Marco Becker around the 1860's.
  • She claims to have stolen the Star of India from the Duke of Wellington around 1820. Where?
  • She says she met Florence Nightengale who lived between 1820-1910. Where and when did they meet?
  • Amanda says she knew Louis XIV and that she had a 7-course dinner in Versailles around 250 years ago, so, say 1740's.
  • Stole the Guttenberg Bible in Paris. When?
  • Marie Antoinette's tiara once made it into Amanda's hands. Was this during her lifetime or from a museum?
  • Amanda took some lessons from Mata Hari who lived between 1876 - 1917. (M.H. was a dancer in France in 1905)
  • Between the years of 1505 - 1564, she is rumored to have had an affair with  Michelangelo. This would have been in Italy.


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