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Welcome to the Florida White Rabbits Breeders Association web site. The FWRBA is dedicated to serve its membership and promote this wonderful breed.

The Florida White rabbit was accepted as a breed by the ARBA in 1967. The breed was developed to provide a smaller rabbit for laboratory use and to provide a small fryer for the smaller families of today. It is also an excellent show animal winning many Best in Show awards. At the 1999 ARBA Convention Best in Show was a Florida White owned by Fibber McGehee. According to the November-December 2003 issue of the Domestic Rabbits magazine during the time period between July 1 2002 and June 30 2003 the Florida White was rated 8th with 115 Best in Show Wins. During that same time period there were 33 Grand Champions of record and 221 registrations of Florida Whites.

The breed originator Judge Orville Millken developed the Florida White from a cross between an albino American Dutch, a white Polish and a small but "typie" white New Zealand. Through careful and progressive selection and line breeding he brought us the cobby and compact animal that we have today. Another major contributor to the development of the Florida White was Fibber McGehee. Fibber started raising Florida Whites in 1978.

The Florida White Rabbit Breeders Association became a charted club in 1972. If you would like more information or to join the Florida White Rabbit Breeders Association contact: Jane Meyer 1795 N 1800 E Road Thawville, IL 60968 or email Jane at arbayuth@illicom.net. Membership includes a nice newsletter. .

The Florida White Standard of Perfection, which is available from the ARBA, describes the point system used to judge the Florida White. The number 1 consideration in showing the Florida White is the body or type which carries 55 points, though the condition of the rabbit which would include firm flesh and glossy fur carries 35 points (fur+color+condition) can not be left out. A true show animal. An article by Kimijo Mareska goes into more information about the Florida White.


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