t.e.a (n) :
The young, dried leaves of this plant, prepared by various processes and used to make a hot beverage.
An aromatic, slightly bitter beverage made by steeping tea leaves in boiling water
Any of various plants having leaves used to make a tea like beverage
4. Chiefly British :An afternoon refreshment consisting usually of sandwiches and cakes served with tea
5. Slang: Marijuana ( haha! )
6. I don't care what it is. It's the best stuff in the world
c.a.r.r.o.t.s (n) :
A biennial Eurasian plant in the parsley family, widely cultivated as an annual for its edible taproot.
The usually tapering, elongate, fleshy orange root of this plant, eaten as vegetable
They're orange, crunchy, and good for the eyes, thats good enough for me
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*c.a.r.r.o.t.s and t.e.a*
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