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Welcome to My Page of Ghosts!!! This Page is Associated
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Spirit Seekers.

Last Updated 08/25/2005

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If you would like to submit any
Haunting Story or Photo's to be on
this Page please feel Free to Send
them in & Please put into the Subject
the words Ghost Story. That way I will
Not Delete them....

UPDATE !!!!!

Sorry to all of you that has been coming back for the last year to see any UPDATES to my Page & haven't seen any. The reason I have not updated or have visited any Cemetery's is that I have had my Baby. My new Baby Boy was born on Oct.24,2004 we have named him Christopher Alexander.He is now 10 mo. old & big already. I am so proude to have had a Holloween Baby & now he is our newest member to my spooky site on the Web. This is my 2nd Child. Until then Please enjoy my little corner on the net. Thankyou

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