Yeah, that's right, we said FRANK, anyone have a problem with that?

Let's take you back...

Once upon a time, there were two brothers...

one was fighting to be an actor...

one was fighting...and singing for his supper


with manager Robin Garb, Frank Stallone, Bob Tangrea, Jody Giambelluca, Bill Ring

Frank doing his thing
...practice, practice...

Bob and Frank

Does art imitate life?

Valentine appears in the brother's film, "Rocky"

Some thought he was down for the count...

Staying Alive

...but this kid is far from over...

Solo album:
Frank Stallone

MIAMI VICE ~ "Blood & Roses"
Air date: 4-1-88
As "Billy"

Vice goes undercover to sting a money-laundering racket

Warning the boss about revealing information to a new "girlfriend" (Vice's Gina)
Billy is toast unless he tells Gina's whereabouts

Scrapple In The Apple

On May 12, 1992, a three-round boxing match was presented on the Howard Stern Show, featuring Geraldo Rivera vs. Frank Stallone. Geraldo was a valiant opponent, and the crowd favorite. Stallone, who has a background in amateur boxing, presented an awesome left which proved to be the deciding factor in the match.

The gladiators

Mutual admiration society

Frank's corner

Eye of the tiger?

Frank is declared the winner by unanimous decision

In attendance at ringside were Robin Quivers, Howard Stern, former Champion Michael Spinks, with Len Berman announcing the action in the ring. Veteran referee Arthur Mercante worked the match, which was a tremendous success, raising over $10,200.00 for the mentally retarded.

A man's best friend is his guitar...

(c) Paul Harris
(c) Dave Keeler

...or sometimes his brother

No, it's not Joey Dee and the Starlighters...
No, it's not Frankie Valli and the 4 Seasons...
No, it's not Don and Phil...

It's Joey Travolta, Frank Stallone, and Don Swayze on Warner Bros.' "Movie Stars"


Sly and the Family Stallone get ready for
"Get Carter"

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