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"HAPPIEST REUNION IN HOLLYWOOD...is that of Vivien Leigh and Robert Taylor, who are starred in Metro-Goldywn-Meyer's "Waterloo Bridge," their first picture since they met three years ago in England to make "A Yank in Oxford." Again they are perfectly teamed in the screen adaptation of Robert Sherwood's dramatic stage play, the romance of a little ballet dancer and a young British officier who woos and wins her during a whirlwind twenty-four hour leave from the front. The setting of the picture is London of 1917 during the last World War and tells a powerful story of love in wartime. Mervyn LeRoy directs the film, which is brought to the screen by Sidney Franklin." The movie is titled Waterloo Bridge after the bridge Roy (Robert Taylor's character) stands on, on the eve of World War II as he remembers the last war and the love he found then on the same bridge. The critics generally thought the movie was good, well-acted - and a terrific followup to Gone With the Wind by Vivien Leigh.

Next to Gone With the Wind, Waterloo Bridge is my favorite Vivien Leigh film. I know that the film is not terribly original nor "powerful" as the quote says - nevertheless, the film is beautiful. The character Leigh plays (Myra) is almost completely different from Scarlett O'Hara. Vivien is simply wonderful in the film, really drawing the audience in and making us feel for her. Robert is not too bad either.
Although she initially did not want to do this film (unless Laurence Olivier played opposite her) because she felt the script was overly sentimental, the film turned out to be Vivien's favorite of all the films she made (and also Robert's favorite of the films he made).
*Notice that because of the production code in Hollywood at the time, the film never directly tells the audience that Myra is a prositute.*

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