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Cam on nguoi anh em Viet Nam o Bulgari da giup toi viet duoc dieu nay !

Neu ban co the hay giup do toi bang tat ca nhung gi ban muon. Va day la Tai khoan tai Ngan hang cua toi :

"Bi kich lon nhat"

Toi ten Tran An, hay Alex Panavotov. Toi sinh nam 1974 o Sofia, Bulgaria. Bo me toi da chia tay luc toi 2 tuoi va cha toi da cham nuoi toi cho den khi ong qua doi nam 1986.
Sau nhieu nam, toi tro lai noi toi sinh ra, va bat ngo voi su mau nghiem cua Chua, toi da gap cha Albert -  nguoi da giup toi hoc tiep, do la mot co hoi lon cho toi. Bay gio chi co duy nhat cha Albert cham lo toi toi, toi thuc su hanh phuc vi da tim duoc nguoi va Chua tao nen dieu ky dieu cho tat ca chung ta.
"Toi chua tung mo tro thanh gi do"
 Toi da tung hoc may tinh va tieng Anh nhung khong the hoan thanh, co the noi la toi khong tot nghiep. Nhung bay gio toi dang nghi ve tuong lai.... Toi muon hoc tiep de co the tro thanh giao vien day do tre em nhung em dang khao khat hoc tap va mong muon thanh cong trong cuoc song. Ben canh do toi cung muon hoc ngoai ngu khac, tim hieu van hoa, quan he xa hoi cua cac dan toc khac de giao tiep voi ho - do nhu la mot phan trong ke hoach cua toi. Toi dang hy vong 10 nam nua ke tu bay gio, toi co the tro thanh thanh vien cua cac to chuc ma muc tieu cua ho  la giup do va bao ve cuoc song cho nhung nguoi can duoc giup do tren toan the gioi.



Branch ”Sveta Sofia”

Bank code : 20078270


7A,Sveta Sofia Str.

  Account N; 1017545001

Hay su dung ten tieng Bulgari cua toi de gui tien o ngan hang

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