Cleaned and painted. see the hooker motor mount plates. don't buy them. major rip off $100 for 2 3/8 thick pieces of metal that have to be trimmed to fit. instructions came in handy sort of. I sat them 1" forward. beat back the fire wall was the best advice although with the trans in stock position not much required .
everything blasted and painted. Energy suspension bushings thu-out. 2" spindles 1" springs by bell tech. Summit lowered shocks. 3" block kit on rear
5/8" rear sway bar. S-Blazer frame uneven Helwig does not know this by the parts supplied in thier kit. fix below.
AGR 12 to 1 gear box and 1 1/4" sway bar.
Good lord those rotors and spacers were expensive. Only way to mount the wheels and still needed to grind on the tie rods.
sway bar frame mount on passenger side.
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