Eugene J. Hamlett
World War II Memoirs Of A German P.O.W.
A Tribute To My Older Brother
George Dewey Hamlett, Junior
My brother George, known to his family as G.D., passed away on April 13, 2001.  He was days shy of his seventy-ninth birthday.  G.D. is survived by his loving wife Louise, and a dedicated daughter named Susan.  He was a generous, caring man who did everything from driving a stock car to working at Nick's Electronics.  His main area of expertise was electronics, and he eventually began his own shop in his backyard.  If you ever wanted to know anything about electrical components, all you had to do was ask G.D. 
The picture to the right is of myself, Melvin, and G.D.  I am approximating my age at around 12, which would make G.D. (far right) 14, and Melvin (middle) about 3.  Like my brother Melvin, and myself, G.D. also served in the Army.  His tour of duty lasted from April 1943 until December 1943.  G.D. and I both went to basic training together along with our friend Randolph Jennings. After our training, G.D. and I were seperated, and I was sent to Africa to serve on the front lines.
G.D. and his wife Louise (pictured on the left) married on February 29, 1948.  I can say that I firmly believe that G.D. definitely met his match with Louise.  They were both good FOR each other, and good TO each other.  I think a lot of Louise, and am proud to call her
my sister in law.
Their daughter Susan is pictured on the right sitting on her mother's lap.  She was born on October 24, 1950.  Susan was the pride and joy of both her father and her mother's life.  Susan has a son named Jonathan, who G.D. spent a great deal of time with.
My brother G.D. lived and died his own man.  In my family, stubborness runs in our bloodstream, and G.D. certainly had his fair share.  G.D. loved to disagree with people on just about everything from the latest NASCAR news, to politics, and from Satellite TV to the price of gasoline.  I miss many things about my oldest brother, one being that he was very direct, and if he had a problem with you, you knew it.  He was strong-willed, and often defiant, but there will never EVER be another man like him in my lifetime.
My brother G.D. Hamlett, Jr., was laid to rest on April 16, 2001 at Mount Hermon United Methodist Church Cemetery in Altavista.  All his family will miss him terribly.  He will forever be in our prayers, our thoughts, our minds, and most importantly our hearts. 
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