Eugene J. Hamlett
World War II Memoirs Of A German P.O.W.
I was a member of the 3rd Infantry Division, 7th Regiment, Company C. We landed on the beaches of Anzio, Italy on January 22, 1944, and were captured by the Germans on January 30, 1944. My military career on
what was called the front lines was short-lived.
My life as a German Prisoner of War had abruptly begun.
These pages detail my story as a German P.O.W. 
The names of fellow P.O.W.'s are listed below. Please view their pages.
Some of them were such good friends that I've combined their pages together. A few of the men listed below have passed on, but I felt it necessary to acknowledge their contributions to my memories.
William Taylor, 3rd Ranger Battalion, ETO
Jasper Edwards, 3rd Ranger Battalion, ETO
Roy Larson, 3rd Ranger Battalion, ETO
Willard Burton, 3rd Ranger Battalion, ETO
Joseph Donato, 3rd Ranger Battalion, ETO
Otis Huff, Pvt. 3rd Inf. Division, ETO
Morris Lacy, Pvt. 3rd Inf. Division, ETO
John Marra, Pvt. 3rd Inf. Division, ETO
Lamar Day, Division Unknown, ETO
Harry Malawy, Pvt 88th Inf. Division, ETO (Found in March 2002)
Eugene Hamlett, Pvt. 3rd Inf. Division, ETO
I also had a very close friend who was drafted the same time I was.
His name and rank was

Randolph Jennings,Pvt. 3rd Inf. Division, ETO
Click on his name to read his story.
My two brothers also served their God and Country.
G.D. Hamlett

Melvin E. Hamlett
Third Infantry Division Patch
Rangers Battalion Patch
This Web Site Is Also Dedicated To All Of The Men And Women
Who Did Not Return From Our World Wars.
They Are Not Forgetten.
Through Our Memories, They Will Live On.
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