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Make Your Own (statistical) Hit List.... (last update: 12/03)

How Anarchies Screw Up a Game (last update: 11/03)

Similar to the "Regular Games" page I did over a year ago, this page compares the 'good' and the 'bad' games. Gradually I have realized, however, that the 'regular' status of a game does not necessarily make it good, and a game played by newbies does not make it bad. What's more, is that I've noticed that not all the Regular games I've played in have that little [R] next to them in the Archived Games section, and it would be impossible for me to check all the other games if they have been mislabeled or not. Add that to the non-Regular tournament games, and the line between 'Regular' and normal becomes pretty shady.

So naturally the next clear division in Diplomacy games is the number of anarchies present in the game, which in fact may produce more accurate statistics than in my previous page.


Regular vs. Normal Games - A comparison between games started from the 'Regular' list and the 'Normal' lists on the Dip2000 site. (last update: 10/02)

Draw Distributions - Who draws with who the most?, and other questions regarding games that ending in draws. (last update: 11/02)

Solo Races - Solo races are fun to watch and play.  But do some countries end up winning them more than others? (last update: 11/02)


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