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What is a Sea Monkey? What are Brine Shrimp?

Sea Monkeys are Brine Shrimp, we call them INSTANT Pets. Sea monkeys are in SUSPENDED ANIMATION in small eggs the size of a grain of sand. Your job is to wake them from their sleep and bring them to life. Sea Monkeys can live for years and have lots of kids of there own

The name scientists have given this amazing rare process is “cryptobiosis” which means, “hidden life”. Among the types of life on earth that are cryptobiotic in early stages of development are the seeds of higher plants (wheat grains) the larvae of certain insects, and thick shelled eggs of some crustaceans such as daphina, seed shrimps (ostracoda) and Brine Shrimp (artemia salina).

Sea Monkeys also belong in this category, since they are a variety of “Artemia” sea monkeys are related to lobsters, crabs, fairy shrimp and other crustaceans. Instead of originating in the ocean, Artemia (also known as, Sea monkeys) are found in salt lakes and salt evaporation flats. The waters of these areas are often so salty that Artemia (Sea monkeys) may be the only non-microscopic animal inhabiting them.

Because fish eat and thrive on Brine Shrimp, for years, they were collected as eggs or alive, to be sold as aquarium “food” Although all along, Brine Shrimp had very unique qualities that would, at a later date, make them one of the most desirable pets ever sold

Sea Monkeys are very active creatures, responsive to environmental conditions of light, temperture and water currents.

What is a Sea Monkey? What are Brine Shrimp?
Sea Monkey & Brine Shrimp Life Cycle
Brine Shrimp & Sea Monkey Pictures

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Sea Monkey T-shirt

You will finds links about Sea monkeys, Brine shrimp, Fairy Shrimp. You wil learn about raising brine shrimp and hatching brine shrimp and what is the brine shrimp life cycle

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