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Anorexia and Eating Disorders

  • Statists & Symptom Information about The Disease & Her Personal Story
    Information and a personal story about the eating disorders of Anorexia Nervosa and Bulimia. The author shares her story from the heart in one article, and the background information about the disease in part two.
    (Article One is 1,096 words, and Article Two is 978 words)

All Is Well

  • We live an ocean of experiences. Where has your ship of life taken you?

Depression is a Spiritual Issue

  • All of us have experienced depression. Can you imagine 30 years of depression? Frederick shares his courageous story and the techniques he used to overcome his heavy depression.
    (article/1,462 words)

The Prodigal Son

  • Read this classic story and think about how it applies to life today.
    (article/362 words)

The Carlos Castaneda/Victor Sanchez Connection, Part 1 & 2

  • Journey with Jon to Mexico as he discovers the ancient religion of the Toltec Indians. Share his personal experience with the roots of what Don Juan taught Carlos Castaneda. In part 1, we trace the spiritual steps that led him to Mexico
    (article/1459 words)

The Path of Love & Sacrifice

  • How do you know when an act of love is pure? Here's a way to measure it.
    (article/362 words)


  • We're accepting submissions!! Got a poem, article, meditation technique, experience, essay, etc. to share with our readers? Here's the how to information. click here

Blind Faith vs. Honest Questioning

  • Is it healthy to question your faith, your religion?
    (article/362 words)

A Child's Story:Sexual Abuse

  • "For those of us abused as children, the simple process of telling our stories can be enormously difficult, particularly in the early, emergency stage of recovery, when we are fighting a lifetime of silence."
    (Article/1879 words)

Three Secrets To Creative Writing That Wins Hearts

  • Want to spice up your writing? Here's some writing tips to help prose and poetry writers.

Beliefs are Sacred and Personal

  • What makes your spiritual beliefs sacred? Are your beliefs as sacred as your neighbor's?
    (article/325 words)

Radio Sound

  • Let the music flow through you as it carries you on a visual journey.

I Wonder

  • What does Islam have in common with other religions? Compare and find out through this poem

A writing tip for writers

  • Tim Bellows gives us writing tips to light up dull poetry into dazzling lines, and make your prose zing.
    (article/1394 words)

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