The LS1 Camaro
Greetings fellow Camaro enthusiasts!
But, for those that still love the Camaro, here's my list of LS1 Camaro LINKS (Including EXPORT data)!

Why is the Camaro called the "F body? Click here to find out.

Click here or, if you can't access that link, click here to see the unique mods on our 2000 Z/28.
Just for fun, click here to see the car being built!

Rear View of our 2000 Camaro.Front View of our 2000 Camaro

For some great photos of this Camaro on our roadtrip, click here!

Those owners and drivers who use Mobil 1, should click here for an interesting 1978 FYI; and it's still about $4.00 a quart!

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Click here for another great Chevy site!

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