Young Indiana Jones: Adventures Out West
Chapter Four

by IndyAnna

"Daaaaaad!" Indy cried out again. He tried to stand up, but the movement caused the cactus needles to turn and twist in his leg. "Ahhhhh! Ohhh-oww." He fell back down to the hard rocky ground, his hand clutching the wounded leg. He put his head back, eyes squeezed closed and his teeth clenched. He was breathing heavily and slight whimpers escaped as he exhaled. Think Indy, think....Gotta' get back to camp. Ever so slowly he started to pull himself along the ground in the direction of the camp. "Daaaad!" he called again. He didn't know if they heard him or not. Am I too far away? Please let them hear me.

Prof. Jones was digging through some loose stone when he thought he heard something. He paused and listened again. He looked in the direction he'd seen Indy run off earlier, but couldn't really see anything. He was just about ready to go back to work when he heard it again.


"Junior?!" The alarm in his voice catching the ears of the other three men.

"What is it, Henry?" Billings asked as he followed the Prof. to the tent.

"It's Junior, something's wrong!"

He started to jog in the direction of the call. The younger assistant grabbed something out of the tent and followed the older man.

Indy was covering very little ground. Bracing himself mentally, he tried to stand again and was successful although the motion brought tears to his eyes. "Shit!" he swore out loud as he took a few stumbling steps forward. He looked up to see his father coming toward him.

"Daaaad!" he yelled, more relieved than scared this time. At the same time he stubbed his toe and went down hard on his stomach knocking the wind out of himself for a few seconds. He was just about to call out again when he heard a horrible rattle sound. Risking a glance to his right he saw a huge snake curling and rattling it's tale. Indy froze. He didn't like snakes and this one was definitely within striking range.

Prof. Jones stopped when he heard the rattler. He followed Indy's stare and saw the big snaked coiled and ready to strike.

"Stay still, Junior." He ordered quietly. Not knowing what else to do he slowly reached down for a rock. "Still lad, don't move." His voice quiet and slow as he carefully stepped closer the the snake. Sensing the movement, the snake coiled tighter and was just about to strike, when........


Indy ducked his head then watched as the snake was sent three feet in the air and then landed in a lifeless heap on the sand and rocks.

The young assistant stood to the right and a few feet back of the Prof., his arm extended, gun smoking. "Got'em." he said keeping his eye on the snake just in case he didn't.

The Prof. ran to Indy, knelt beside him and pulled him into his arms. "Junior, are you alright?" He glanced at the injured leg and then back at Indy, pushing the hair back off his forehead. "Junior?" He touched the scrape on Indy's cheek and wiped a stray tear away with his thumb.

"Dad." Indy whimpered. "My leg...ahhh, it h-huuuuurts."

Prof. Jones scooped up his son, cradling him in his arms. "We've got to get him back to town. Run ahead and get the team ready." He told the assistant. "Oh, and nice shot. Thanks." The assistant half smiled and ran on ahead. "It'll be okay Junior. We'll get you back to town and fixed up."

Indy didn't say anything. He just wrapped his arms around his father's neck, buried his face in his chest and nodded. When they reached the camp the wagon was ready. Billings put a blanket in the back and helped the Prof. to gently place Indy in the buckboard. The Prof. climbed in the back and Billings took the reins. The two assistants watched and helped when they could and were left in charge of the camp again as the wagon started for town. The two hour wagon ride was not going to be easy for Indy. Every bump sent shocks of pain through his leg. The only good thing was that the sharp pains in his leg distracted him from the lingering pain in his backside. His father cradled his upper body in his lap and held him securely for the first part of the ride. Eventually the Prof. tore Indy's pant leg open to get a better look at the injury. He took a canteen of water, soaked his bandana and wiped the sweat, tears and dirt from Indy's face.

"Junior, I'm going to try to pull out some of the thorns."

"NO! No, please Dad! It'll hurt."

"They have to come out Junior." He turned Indy onto his left side and draped him across his lap. "Put your hands behind me and grab my belt Junior."

Indy grabbed the belt in one hand and the side of the wagon with the other and grimaced as he felt the first thorn pulled out.

"Owwwww! Oh, Dad. Don't, please!" Another thorn was pulled from under the skin. "Owwwww!" Indy put his hand out to stop his Dad.

"Junior," The Prof. grabbed the thin wrist and moved it out of the way. "Keep you hands out of the way!" he ordered. He worked only on the thorns that were shallow knowing the others would probably bleed more. "Owww!" Indy moaned over and over, not able to stop the tears that again rolled down his cheeks. Once all the superficial thorns were removed the Prof. again cradled Indy in his lap. He wiped his face again then worked on removing some of the dirt and blood from the injured area. Indy was almost out as they finally made it back to town. They decided to go to the boarding house directly and then bring the doctor there so they wouldn't have to move the boy twice.

Prof. Jones carried Indy into the house and was greeted at the door by Mrs. Johnson. "Oh my! What happened?"

"He's hurt his leg."

"Oh, the poor dear. Tommy!" she called out. "Tommy, call Dr. Brown and tell him to come over right away!."

"What happened to Indy?" Tommy asked a he watched Prof. Jones carry the limp boy up the stairs.

"Tommy!" Mrs. Johnson said, clapping her hands together. "Call Dr. Brown this instant!"

"Yes ma'am!"

Mrs. Johnson followed Prof. Jones upstairs and into the Jones' room. She pulled back the blankets and the Prof. gently placed Indy on his back in the bed. Indy moaned a little and turned on his left side. His father went to work removing his clothes as Mrs. Johnson went to get some water and a cloth to clean him up. Prof. Jones as just helping his son into a nightshirt when Mrs. Johnson returned. He was vaguely aware that she saw him naked and blushed profusely. At the moment he was more worried that she saw his recently paddled backside than anything else and he tried to pull the covers over himself.

"No Junior." His father said as he pulled the covers out of Indy's hand. "Leave them off so we can see to your leg."

"But Dad." he protested weekly.

"Don't worry Indy," Mrs. Johnson said as she wipe his forehead, "I do have a son just about your age, remember? You don't have anything I haven't seen before."

This only caused Indy to blush more and he tried to bury his head deeper in the pillow. Just then Tommy came into the room.

"I called the Doc and he'll be right over. Yowch Indy, did you land on your butt first? It sure looks sore."

"Tommy!" his mother admonished, "Go wait downstairs for the doctor or yours will look worse!" She planted a firm swat on the seat of his pants to get him moving.

"Yes, Ma'am!"

A few minutes later Tommy returned with the doctor. Indy had managed to work his nightshirt down enough to cover himself in the front, but the lower half of his backside was still exposed to the room and now with four pairs of eyes staring at him he thought he could never feel more embarrassed in is life.

"Ah, let's see what we have here." Dr. Brown said as he began looking over Indy. "Quite a mess young man, how did you manage this?" He touched the injured leg in a couple of spots causing Indy to yelp. "Take it easy son, I have to see if it's broken." He picked up Indy's leg by the ankle and moved it around a bit.

"Owwww. Oww-ohhh." escaped through the boys tightly shut teeth. He was trying to be brave for his dad and that stupid doctor wasn't helping by twisting his leg like that.

"Well, it's not broken." There was a collected sigh of relief in the room. "If I could have a little privacy, I'll start removing these thorns. He's going to need a few stitches too.

Tommy, Mrs. Johnson and Prof. Jones started to leave the room. "Dad? Would you stay with me?" Indy looked up at his father, his lashes wet with tears.

"Sure Junior." He pulled a chair next to the head of the bed and sat. Indy moved closer and the Prof. held his hand, stroking it and his hair to calm and distract him from what the doctor was doing. The Prof. noticed the doctor looking at his son's bruised backside. "I'm afraid that's from me, not the fall."

"Ahhh, I see." Dr. Brown nodded his head, a knowing smile on his face. "Well, I've yet to see a boy who didn't benefit from having his backside warmed. You did a fine job."

The flush returned to Indy's face and he buried his head deeper into the pillow.

An hour later Indy had been stitched, bandaged and was sleeping soundly as the doctor finished giving his care instructions to the two adults downstairs.

Mrs. Johnson had been watching the Prof. and when the doctor left she poured him another cup of coffee.

"You know Professor Jones, I am here all the time and I know you want to get back to the dig sight. I really don't mind at all looking after Indy while he recovers. He is such a sweet boy."

"That's too kind of you Mrs. Johnson, I wouldn't want to impose." Although he was thinking this same thing, after all, he didn't have the best bedside manner. He always left those things to his wife or the housekeeper before.

"Oh, it's no imposition at all. I'd love to do it." She gave him a warm smile. "It's settled then." She said with the conviction of a woman whose words were rarely challenged. "You'll go back to your work tomorrow and Indy will stay here under my care."

Early the next morning, Prof. Jones gathered the supplies he would need. Indy was still sound asleep, of course the medicine the doctor gave him probably helped. The Prof. didn't want to wake him, he looked so peaceful, almost angelic and very young when he was sleeping. He decided to leave him a quick note:
Junior, I'm going back out to the dig site. I should be home tomorrow sometime. Please do everything Mrs. Johnson tells you. Stay in bed and get some rest. Love, Dad
He folded the note and put it on the night stand next to the bed. As he looked through his satchel one more time he spotted the bag of candy he took from Indy on the train. He smiled to himself and put it on top of the note.

Indy woke a few hours later, his head still a little groggy. As he sat up all the details of the previous day flooded back. His mouth was very dry and he looked for a glass of water. He spotted the bag of candy and he smiled knowing his dad must have left it for him. He read the note and was disappointed that he would not be going with his father. He was also a little worried that he was left in the care of Mrs. Johnson. He like her a lot, but she was rather intimidating in the hall their first day there. He made a mental note to do everything she said, he certainly didn't want to find out if she'd really use her hairbrush on him. The pressure in his bladder could no longer be ignored and he carefully pulled back the covers a swung his legs over the edge of the bed. His right leg was bandaged completely from the ankle to the hip and he had scrapes all along both arms and the palms of his hands. He stood slowly, easing his weight onto both legs. Satisfied they would support him, he sort of limped/hopped his way out into the hall. He leaned on everything available till he finally made it to the bathroom, and not a moment too soon. When he finished he looked at his reflection in the mirror. He was surprised to see a large bruise on his cheek.

"Sure, all this wasted with nobody to show it to." Back home the guys always showed off any injury and the tale that went along was greatly embellished as they each tried to out-do each other. "This would have topped them all." He said, inspecting his leg once again.

As he opened the bathroom door he was met by stern looking Abbey Johnson, her foot tapping and her hands on her hips.

"And just what are you doing out of bed young man?"

"I...I uh, had go." He gave her his best 'innocent' look.

"Well, next time you call me, you understand? You'll be sorry if you fall and tear open those stitches."

"Yes, Ma'am."

"Shame on you. Here, let me help you back." She put a hand under his right arm and grasped his upper left arm firmly moving Indy in front of her and taking most of the weight off his legs. For a moment Indy was almost sure she was going to pick him up, he was a bit surprised by her strength. When they made it back to the room she sat him on the edge of the bed and noticed him grimace.

"I know what will help you." She said as she helped him lay down. "I'll be right back."

She came back into the room a couple minutes later carrying a jar of lotion. "Roll over on your stomach Indy, this will help."

"W-what? Uhm, really I'm okay. Really."

"Nonsense, I do this for Tommy and ask him, it helps. Of course he's at school right now. C'mon now, roll over."

"No. Really, I-I'm fine." Indy protested, pulling the blankets up tight under his chin.

"You aren't going to give me a hard time already, are you, young man?" She asked, one eyebrow raised. "Do you want me to give your father a bad report?"

"No Ma'am, but......"

"On your stomach right this instant or I might be tempted to add to your discomfort rather than help it."

Indy gulped and could tell from the stern expression that she would do just that, so with a sigh, he slowly turned on to his front and rested his head on the pillow. He felt the covers lowered and his nightshirt pulled up, exposing his backside to the coolness of the room. His face and ears flushed bright red. The lotion was cold and he tensed a little as Mrs. Johnson began rubbing it over his still pink and bruised bottom.

"It's okay Indy." She soothed. "You must have been a naughty boy to make your father spank you this hard." She noticed his ears and neck attained an even brighter shade of red. "This will make it all better, you'll see." When all the lotion was thoroughly rubbed in she pulled down his shirt and softly patted his bottom. "All done. Doesn't that feel better?"

"Yes, Ma'am." Came the muffled reply.

"I don't think your bandage will have to be changed till tomorrow."

Thank God for small favors. Indy thought to himself.

"I'm going to bring up your lunch and I want you to eat every bite."

"Yes, Ma'am."

Around two o'clock Tommy was home from school and he immediately ran up to Indy's room. Indy was sitting up writing in his journal and he had to admit, his butt did feel better. He looked up as Tommy ran into the room.

"Hi! What'cha doin'?" Tommy asked.


"On your own?" A puzzled look came over the other boy's face. "With no one tellin' ya?"

Indy laughed and put the book aside. "How was school?"

"Uhm...well, the usual. You know." Tommy glanced out in the hall then moved closer to Indy rubbing the seat of his pants. "I got three swats from 'Old Peckerhead' for talking, but I don't want Ma to find out, so don't say anything."

"I won't."

"It's all your fault anyway."


"Yea. I was tellin' Ben about your accident and stuff and he didn't believe me, so I guess I got too loud. So, see, it's your fault." The younger boy crossed his arms and pouted to get his point across.

Indy laughed again. "Sorry. How about a peace offering?" He held open the bag of candy. "Take a couple."

"Wow, Thanks. Are you gonna' be around here for awhile?" Tommy slurred around the two lemon drops in his mouth.

"It looks that way."

"Good! Tomorrow's Saturday you know, and I'll be home. Maybe we can do somethin'."

"I don't know, your mom will probably make me stay in bed."

"She goes shopping on Saturday's." Tommy said with a devilish grin. "We can do whatever we want!"

For some reason Indy didn't think this was a good idea.

end part 4

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