Eric and Jamie
Part 7

by Fairandlovingtop

The next few weeks with Eric were heaven. I knew his birthday was coming up, and I wanted to make it as special for him as I could. We usually woke up about the same time, but I set the alarm clock for half an hour earlier on the morning of his birthday so that we'd have time to fool around a little.

He groaned as it went off, and I groggily realized what day it was. "Did you change the alarm?" he asked, sounding irritated.

"Yes, sir" I said, sliding farther under the covers.

"Why?" he asked, definitely irritated.

"So we'd have time to start your day right" I said, and I slid down under the sheets and took his erect penis into my mouth. He groaned appreciatively, and I sucked and licked and played with his cock until he finally shot hard into my mouth and down my throat. Even then, I kept him in my mouth, gently playing with him and cleaning every last bit of cum off and out of his dick.

As he got hard again I felt him reach down and grab my thigh, and with his dick still in my mouth he lifted my hips and positioned me over him so that we were now in a 69 position. I moaned loudly and was careful not to bite him as his tongue began to assault my perineum and hole with earnest.

We pleasured each other like that until I could tell he was again ready to cum, and just as he was about to shoot he dropped his head back on the pillow and replaced his tongue with his middle finger, thrusting it deep into me. As he shot in my mouth a second time I shot on his chest, my sphincter tightening spasmodically around his finger. Then he was sliding it out of me and I was slurping away from his dick and we laid together, side by side and head to foot on the bed, panting.

I hugged his leg and said, "Happy birthday" and kissed his shin.

After we had bathed in the little bathroom and were both drying off I sat on the edge of the tub and said, "Okay, birthday boy. Time for your birthday spanking" and I patted my leg.

"Ha!" he said, throwing his head back and laughing.

I smiled, but said, "Come on. I'm serious."

He grabbed my head with both hands and lifted me to standing. Kissing me on the lips he said, "Jamielove, that's not how it works."

I was disappointed, only a little really, but testing the situation I said, "Well that's not very fair."

"How so?" he said, pulling me to him and holding me tightly.

I jumped up and wrapped my legs around his waist and, as always, he caught me and held me a hand under each bare cheek. I put my arms around his neck and said, "I should be able to give you a birthday spanking."

"That's not the nature of this relationship, little boy" he said.

I had started off kind of half jokingly with this whole birthday spanking thing, but now I was getting kind of mad and I said, "And you get to define that all by yourself?"

His face started to darken and I didn't want to ruin the day we had started so well. As his arms began to relax (which meant he was setting me down) I tightened my grip around his neck with my arms and my legs around his waist and said, "No, wait. Please. I'm just asking, sir."

"Come here, little boy" he said, easily swinging me around to sit on his lap as he sat on the edge of the tub.

He kissed the side of my head as I sat there, cuddled in his arms and said, "I know what I want out of a relationship, okay? I want a boy that I can take care of and spoil and spank and fuck and cuddle. I want an obedient young man who enjoys trying to please me, who puts his trust in me, who I can be faithful to and supportive of until I'm an old man." He hugged me tightly then and said, "That does not include switching roles sometimes, which some people in a discipline relationship like we have do."

I rested my head against his warm chest, nuzzling the hair there. I could feel his heart pounding as he said, "Do you want something different? If you do I want to know."

I shook my head no against his chest and said, "No, sir. I don't want something different. I mean, it would have been fun to give you a spanking 'cause I love the way your butt muscles look when you're bent over. But I want you, and if this is the kind of relationship you want or that comes with you then it's what I want, too."

As he relaxed his hold on me and I sat up I looked him in the eye, pressing my nose to his, and said, "I also get off on being in your control, if you must know. I had never really thought about this kind of thing before you, but sometimes when I'm painting or working alone I think about you telling me to stand in a corner and it makes my dick hard and I want to go into the bathroom and jerk off but you're not there to ask permission which makes me even harder -- "

His lips were on mine then, and I sucked on his tongue for a while and we hugged and kissed like that until we were almost late starting our day.

Unfortunately, as nice as the day started things fell into disaster by 10:00 that morning. We got to the jobsite and I started in re-sanding the livingroom wood floor, preparing it for its second coat of polyurethane. From the back yard I heard Eric bark, "Jamie!" and I leaped up and ran out back.

"Oh, no" I said, heartsick, when I saw the two 10-gallon tubs of ruined paint at his feet. I had opened them the morning before to stir them up, and I had completely forgotten about them when Eric pulled me off painting to work on the floors. This was the second time I had done this, this time ruining the paint supply for the entire outside of the house.

"I'm sorry, Eric" I said, trying to ignore Juan and the other two workers who were standing in the backyard waiting to get to work painting the outside of the house.

"What did I tell you I would do if this happened again?" he asked.

I gulped, not wanting to say it in front of so many people. "Answer me!" he said, and I said barely above a whisper, "That you'd take a switch to me."

Without a word he stepped forward, grabbed the back of my neck and marched me over to the side of the garage. "Get those pants down" he said, and I turned my head to look up at him pleadingly, but he was already gone from my side.

With my back to the yard and all four of them I peeled my jeans down with shaky hands to agreeing murmurs from the guys waiting to get to work. Eric had me wear a t-shirt, jeans, and a jockstrap to work everyday. I didn't have my shirt on, so as my jeans pooled around my ankles my bared butt framed by the jock faced an audience, my nose pressed into the garage.

Tears streamed down my face as I waited for him to return from cutting the switch, and just a moment later I felt his hands lifting me roughly. His back was to the yard, and I was now over his raised knee so that the three other men could see my head and shoulders sticking out passed Eric's left side, my butt and legs sticking out his right side.

There was a light swish! in the air, and then fire lanced across my butt. A second swish! and I cried out as the sting of the first settled in. Four more times there was a quiet swish! and I was yelping from the pain, and crying from both the humiliation of being punished in front of an audience and from letting Eric down with the same stupid mistake.

He set me roughly back on the ground and said, "Get those pants up" and I quickly yanked them up, wincing as the denim came into contact with my backside. "You've just made a lot of extra work for these men and they're probably not going to have time to finish now today which means they're not going to get paid today. You apologize" he said, pointing at the two men standing behind Juan.

They were both smirking, and I didn't like either of them, but I took a couple of steps forward and said, "I'm sorry" and had to wipe at my eyes to keep the tears back.

"All right" said Eric over my shoulder. "Put your nose back against the garage until I say otherwise." I dutifully walked over to the garage and pressed my nose against it, letting tears spill out of my eyes as quietly as possible. Eric ordered the two workers to do something else in the front of the house, and he sent Juan out for more paint.

He had never punished me in front of other people before, and I was shocked and felt betrayed. When he said I was released and to go back to work on the floor inside I said, "Yes, sir" but kept my eyes on the ground as I walked passed him. As soon as I was inside where no one could see or hear I burst into tears. I got myself under some control and went back to sanding the floor, but the humiliation of having to take down my pants and then being switched in front of the others came back full force and I squeezed my eyes shut and cried and sanded and cried some more.

By midday I was furious with Eric. I had completely forgotten it was his birthday, and I was childishly toying with the idea of running away. If he didn't value me enough to keep certain things private then he wouldn't have me at all.

After lunch he was nowhere to be found, and Juan said there wasn't anything else he could give me to do. Instead of sitting around and waiting for Eric I decided to walk home. It wasn't really that far, and I felt like I could use the time to myself.

When I got there I saw Eric's car in the driveway, but just as I was nearing the house another car drove up and parked behind Eric's. A guy a little older than me got out, holding a bouquet of balloons in one hand and a wrapped gift in the other. I slowed my pace, giving him time to go up to the house ahead of me. He was wearing jeans and a t-shirt, just like me, and there was something about him that made me suspicious and afraid at the same time.

I snuck into the driveway, and as I saw him round the corner to the back yard I quietly heaved myself over the frame for the new window and into the kitchen's breakfast nook.

"Hello?" I heard him call, and then I heard plastic rustling and I knew he was in the back of the house.

"Hello?" I heard Eric answer, and then more quietly, "Oh, my God."

"Hi" said the stranger, almost breathlessly.

"Todd" I heard Eric say.

"Yes, sir" said 'Todd.'

"What are you doing here?" asked Eric, and I couldn't read the expression in his voice.

"I used to live here, sir" he said.

"Used to" said Eric, his voice hardening. Fear gripped me deep in my balls. Eric had never mentioned another lover before me. We had never really talked about it. I was ashamed for eavesdropping, but also too afraid to leave just then. I bit my lip and stared desperately at the floor.

"Happy birthday" he said, and I heard the balloons rustle.

"Todd -- " Eric started, but the other guy interrupted and said, "I made a terrible mistake, okay? I've been thinking about you for months and I didn't know how to come back and apologize and explain, and today's your birthday and -- "

"Todd" interrupted Eric.

"No, sir" he said. "Please let me finish." His voice broke, and clearly crying he said, "I will do ANYTHING to get you to take me back, sir. Please. It was the dumbest thing I ever --"

"Todd, stop" said Eric, and I heard Todd hiccough tears. "I can't, okay? It's not possible now."

"Yes it is" I heard Todd whine, and he sounded sincerely crushed.

"Todd" said Eric. "Oh, God. I -- Oh, God" I heard him sit down hard, though I didn't know on what. "Todd, there's someone else now" he finally said in a strangled voice.

"What?!?" said Todd.

Still in a strangled voice Eric said, "I haven't heard a word from you in a year and half! Where the HELL have you been?" and he sniffed loudly, and I knew he was crying.

"I was in New York with Heidi" he answered, quietly. Then, "I can't believe you'd -- I mean, you said -- you said -- how could you do this?"

"How could I?!?" Eric thundered, and I knew he was standing now. "You just disappear out of my life after four years with nothing more than a petulant note and you -- how could YOU?!?" he finally shouted.

"You said you'd always love me" said Todd, and I could hear the tears in his voice.

"I DO LOVE YOU, GOD DAMN IT!" said Eric, and I hung my head and choked back any noise my body might make. I was blinded by tears, but too afraid to move. "You don't just stop loving someone! I'll always love you! Do you know what that does to me? Do you know what it's like to love a fucking traitor?!?"

"I'm sorry, Eric! I'm so sorry!" wailed Todd, and I forced myself to stand and peek around the corner of the doorway. Eric was holding him in his arms, and they were both crying. I knew then that I had lost him and I stood openly in the doorway off to Eric's left. Neither of them saw me, but I felt very light headed and I didn't try to stop the tears from streaming down my face.

"Why did you leave me, little chief?" said Eric. "Why?"

"I don't know!" said Todd. "It was so stupid! Oh, Eric. I'm so sorry. Can't we please just --"

"No" said Eric, pushing him firmly to arms length. "Todd, I can't. If you had just shown up a couple of months earlier. If you had just called! I waited and waited and waited for you to just call."

"Eric, please" said Todd, trying to push forward. Eric still held him at arm's length.

"Todd" he said, squinting his eyes briefly shut and squeezing tears out of them. "I've already told him I love him" he said, and my eyes stung with fresh tears. "I can't betray him the way you betrayed me. I'm not even saying that to hurt you. I just -- you KNOW I always keep my word. I'm so sorry. I wish to God you had shown up or even called. Even a couple of months ago we could have talked." His voice got tight and strangled again as he said, "It's too late now. I'm sorry. I can't. I'm sorry."

They held each other then and both cried hard, and as Todd began to plead with him again Eric said, "No. You have to leave now. You made a decision and I WISH TO GOD YOU HADN'T, but you did. You have to go now, Todd. Just go."

It took a while to poke and prod him out of the house, and as I heard the front door close I allowed myself the luxury of a few quiet sobs. A minute later I heard the door open and close again, and then after almost a minute of silence Eric began to sob loudly. He was farther back in the house than he had been, and I didn't know how to approach him or if I should even try just then.

When he quieted down I opened and closed the front door and called out, "Eric?"

"Back here, buddy!" I heard him call from the back of the house.

As I came down the hall and into the back bedroom I saw him wipe his hand across his face. His eyes were puffy and red, and I wondered if I looked the same. I ran at him and threw my arms around his neck, crying.

"Oh, hey" he said, picking me up. "Come on. I've had a rotten day. Let's put this morning behind us, little boy, okay?"

"Eric -- "

"You're not going to believe what happened to me just now" he said.

"Eric -- "

"Whew! We have some things to talk about."

"Eric" I said. "I was here."

"What?" he asked, startled.

"I got here just before that Todd guy" I said. "I was in the kitchen while he was here." Eric held me at arm's length, just as he had Todd earlier and I burst into tears again and said, "You never said anything about him!"

"I know" he said, pulling me to him and hugging me tightly. "It really hurts me to think about Todd, baby." He hugged me tighter and in a tight voice said, "It hurts so bad."

"He was before me, wasn't he?" I asked.

"Yes" whispered Eric. "But he ran away." Then, in a clear voice and at normal volume he said, "He ran away and he broke my heart. The day -- literally the same morning -- that I decided he was gone for good and that I needed to get on with my life this precious little street urchin tried to steal my breakfast right off the top of my car. Can you imagine that? Right here in my own driveway" he said.

I laughed and cried at the same time as he recounted the day we met. I pushed my forehead into his chest and said, "Really?"

"Yes, really" he said.

I pulled back from him then and, feeling like I was taking my life into my hands said, "You said that you still love him."

"I do love him" said Eric, leaning forward and kissing me. "I can't stop loving someone just because they've stopped loving me -- or think they've stopped loving me; whatever. I would have been with him forever if he hadn't run off the way he had."

"So what about me?" I asked, fresh tears coursing down my cheeks.

"I love you" he said. "I love you so much that sometimes when I'm away from you my arms ache to squeeze you." He kissed me again and said, "That's not a metaphor, baby. I mean they really do ache, and hugging you makes them feel better."

He looked at the floor then and said, "I'll love you forever, Jamie. Whether our relationship lasts forever depends entirely on you."

"I'm not going anywhere" I said.

"Neither am I, little boy" he said, hugging me to him fiercely. "Neither am I."

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