Making Do
Chapter One

by Leelee


Warning: This story is in the Hard/Soft universe and has a great big helping of slash. If that type of thing offends you...scram!

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The grin was pissing Skinner off. All through the long, boring meeting Fox Mulder had been sporting a self-satisfied smirk that was meant to remind his boss just what he had missed. And what he had missed was obvious to him by the younger man's relaxed, happy manner. Fox Mulder had just spent the weekend screwing his partner's brains out while he had spent three horrible nights practicing the five finger jerk.

Prior to going to visit her brother's family in California for a week, Scully had planned a perfect weekend for the three of them. She had stocked her apartment with good food and wine and rented a sailboat in Newport News for Saturday. A romantic day on the ocean was something they all liked to do. Sailing always reminded them of their beautiful vacation to Boca Grande and the magical things that happened there. The three were anxiously anticipating their time together when Skinner had got a call from the office upstairs. An emergency Director's Meeting was being called on the West Coast and he had no choice but to attend.

Looking at Mulder's shit eating grin, he had regretted his insisting they enjoy the weekend without him. Their happiness was all-important to him, but after a weekend of hot, lurid phone calls from them describing their fun he had fallen into a grumpy mood. His body felt wound up tighter than spring both with sexual deprivation and emotional isolation.

Mulder was a brat to rub it in like this. Now he had six days left until his sweet red head returned and only Mulder's vague promise of spending the upcoming weekend "Hanging out" to entertain him. Yeah, Mulder looks real proud of himself, Skinner thought, as they sat across the conference table from one another. He let his gaze sweep over the younger man's face before letting it linger on Mulder's full lips. The budget figures the accountant was listing out loud faded away as he speculated about their texture. Would they feel as soft as they looked? Against his lips or, even better, wrapped around his cock? The thought made Skinner shift in his seat to covertly adjust his rapidly growing erection.

Mulder and he had never tried that. They had taken their fledgling physical relationship at a slow pace. Since the first time they had made love three months before, they had had anal sex only two other times. Skinner had grown to enjoy Mulder's hands and fingers touching and caressing him though, and he had done a lot of exploring himself. But they had rarely kissed and with the exception of one hand job he had won off of Mulder betting on football, they had avoided other forms of sex.

But here now looking at those full lips, Skinner felt a rush of arousal that coursed through his sexually deprived body like a flash fire. Why should he spend the coming weekend frustrated when it was way past time that he and Mulder try some variations on their attempts at intimacy? Skinner felt he knew now what Mulder seemed to like. By the end of the weekend he would know his male lover inside and out.

Staring straight at Mulder, Skinner caught his eye and shot him a slow and calculating smile. He bit back his laughter at the puzzled look that cross Mulder's handsome face. Mulder's lips would feel soft and supple. Skinner was sure of it.


Skinner put a lot of thought into how he could tempt his prey into his clutches. Would Mulder come to his house strictly to be used and deliciously abused? Or would he allow anxiety over their being alone to cause him to plead off? Their after hours relationship was always about companionship. The sex stuff only came when they were with the woman they both loved and desired. Skinner had no intention of scaring Mulder off, but by Thursday he was so horney that he was determined to get his hands on the younger man in any way he could.

His call to Mulder had been casual. "Hey, wanna come over and watch movies tomorrow night? I'm gonna cook." Skinner knew the combination of old movies and free food would put the man at ease.

Mulder had brought over the original "Thing" and the Kurt Russell remake and they had spent a good hour in a friendly debate over which was the better movie. Skinner relaxed back on the couch legs thrust out in front of him and enjoyed the sight of Mulder sprawled out in front of the television wearing jeans and a snug tee shirt. The younger man was completely at ease in the situation. His shoes off and head resting on a cushion, the tall lanky man was lovely to look at. Skinner felt himself grow hard.

"Mulder come here." he said in a quiet voice. Mulder rolled over and looked at him with an innocent, curious expression. "You wanna another beer?" Skinner looked into Mulder's eyes for a moment and then let his gaze slowly wander down his body. He leisurely took in Mulder's entire long frame down to his bare feet and then back up to his full lips. Skinner stared at them intensely. The room seemed to hum with excitement and the noise from the TV sounded very far away. Both men were transfixed on one another. Skinner staring at Mulder's sexy mouth and Mulder in awe of the heat of Skinner's gaze. The spell was broken when Mulder nervously licked his lips. Skinner looked him straight in the eye and the command was clear.

Mulder raised up to his knees and crawled over until he was between Skinner's open legs. His hands were shaking as he placed them gently on Skinner's solid thighs. He could feel the muscles moving under his hands. The thin sweat pants Skinner was wearing slipped silkily over the taunt skin. His gazed dropped down to the prominent bulge in Skinner's crotch and he watched in fascination, as it grew even larger at his perusal. He felt an answering twitch from his own cock that was beginning to strain against his jeans.

Mulder's eyes were transfixed on Skinner's groin. Embarrassment and need prevented him from lifted them to look into his bosses face. He had let the man make love to him three times, but only when Scully was present. Now they were alone and Mulder wanted him so badly he was having trouble controlling his breathing. Skinner sensed his anxiety and gently stroked his fingers through Mulder's thick hair. He crooned to him in a soft voice. "I'm so glad you're here tonight. Now we both don't have to be alone."

Skinner ran a thumb over Mulder's lips and said, "You have such a beautiful mouth Mulder. I've been thinking about it all week." Mulder closed his eyes and parted his lips slightly. Skinner's words were so affectionate that he knew he should feel embarrassed, but instead he felt a tingle that traveled from his lips straight down to his throbbing cock. He flicked his tongue out to taste the tip of Skinner's finger and was rewarded with a groan from deep in the man's chest.

He knew what Skinner wanted him to do. He wanted it as well. But the thought of taking Skinner's large cock into his mouth was almost frightening to him. He sucked Skinner's finger into his mouth and wrapped his tongue around it. Shyly looking up into his boss's eyes, he ran his tongue up and down the long finger. Skinner's head was thrown back and his eyes closed, as he reveled in the sensation. Mulder's fingers traveled up Skinner's legs and he got a burst of confidence when he felt his thighs trembling under his touch.

Skinner's cock was fully erect, tenting his pants out from his groin and Mulder felt the anxiety again. His bosses cock was huge. Mulder had felt that bigness buried to the hilt in his ass three times, but the thought of Skinner forcing it down his throat was still scary. What if he choked? What if he couldn't take him? What if he gagged and then barfed? Apprehensively he pulled his mouth off Skinner's finger and tried not to stutter out his fear. "Sir, if you want to we know.."

Skinner stroked his fingers down Mulder's cheek and back up through his hair. "What can we do Mulder?" His voice was so soft and his eyes were so warm that Mulder relaxed somewhat. "Uhh you know sir, have...uhh" Skinner chuckled "Mulder do you want me to fuck you?" Mulder felt a rush of heat course through his body. God, yes! He wanted it so bad at this moment that he was afraid he would embarrass himself and come in his jeans. "Yyyyes" he managed to stutter out. "Mulder, do you want me to stick my cock up your tight ass?" Mulder relaxed and nodded his head. A stern look crossed Skinner's face and Mulder almost whimpered to see it. "Then say it Mulder." The softness had left Skinner's voice. Mulder swallowed and answered, "Please, I want you to fuck my ass sir." "No, boy." Came Skinner's gruff reply.

Mulder looked up in shock at the older man in surprise, his eyes wide in disbelief. Skinner leaned down until his face was inches away from the younger man. "First you will take my cock in your mouth and suck it until I come down your throat. Then, if you swallow it all, I will give you what you want."


Mulder bit back the girly giggle that was threatening to erupt from his throat. He just knew that a feminine response was not called for. Not the thing to do when you are kneeling between your bosses spread legs, eyeing his huge bulge. Nope, Mulder thought, better play this one cool.

"Sorry, I'm just not up for that right now. Maybe later..." Mulder tried to keep his voice very steady and politely apologetic. The whole situation was so ridiculous, if he weren't so turned on and nervous he would let that girly giggle fly free. "Excuse me, Agent Mulder, what did you say?" The look on older man's face was so familiar to him. It was as if they were sitting across Skinner's large shiny desk and not in his warm, dimly lit living room. Mulder felt he wasn't explaining to his lover why he didn't want to go down on him, but rather was explaining his most recent work related fuck-up to his boss.

"I really don't think I can... " He was trying to keep the whine out of his voice. Scully had complained about it enough that he now realized he did it without thinking. It generally worked on her though. Briefly he tossed around the idea of throwing a pout in for good measure, that always worked on Scully, but he was trying to be tough damnit!

Skinner's hands began to caress his chest. Mulder looked down and watched his large hands rubbing over his tee shirt. His soft gentle strokes were mesmerizing to Mulder and he had to fight off the potent warmth that was coursing through him. "You will do it for me Fox Mulder, because I want you to. Before this weekend is over, you will do everything I tell you to do." Mulder's head jerked up at the soft command. Skinner just stared at him and said nothing further. They looked into each other's eyes and Mulder prayed he wouldn't blink first. He was not like Scully. The dominant aspect of their relationship turned her on. Well, truth was it turned him on too, but after all, he was a grown man and had always been able to call the shots, even when he was just the spectator in their games. Right? So now with Scully gone, big bad Skinner was turning his evil eye his way. Uh-uh, no way, Mister Assistant Director. Skinner wasn't going to be his *boss* outside off the office and that was that.

Mulder took a deep breath and looked deep into Skinner's eyes. Giving him his best don't fuck with me look, he silently dared Skinner to try it. But to his irritation, Skinner seemed to relax and shot him a toothy smile. Skinner's hands slowly slid down to the front of Mulder's jeans where his cock was straining against the material. Gently running his fingers up and down Mulder's erection he said, "Why don't we just get you naked and see what happens?"

Skinner ran the heel of his hand down Mulder's throbbing cock and a shudder passed through him. Okay, Mulder thought, I can deal with this. Naked, yep that sounds like a plan.

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