...And Spoil the Child

by gail

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Date: April 10, 2001

Fandom: Forever Knight

E-mail: trekkinn@aol.com

Rating: NC-17 for vampire blood sucking, sex, and discipline

Pairing: Nicholas/LaCroix

Author's Slash Website: http://internetdump.com/users/gail/

Archive: Permission to archive at the Persuaders

Warning: Discipline, blood sucking, sex

A little background on "Forever Knight" and the characters in this story: Lucien LaCroix is an ancient vampire. He was brought across on the night Mount Vesuvius erupted in 79 AD. He is one of the oldest living vampires. In the year 1228 he was captivated by the young Crusader Nicholas De Brabant, eventually called Nicholas Knight. LaCroix brings Nicholas across by the taking and sharing of blood. In that way LaCroix became his father, master, sire, teacher, and in the opinion of some of us, his sometimes lover. Their relationship is stormy and passionate. Nicholas runs, LaCroix follows. Nicholas falls, LaCroix is there to pick him up, whether Nicholas wants his help or not. For 800 years they fight for and against each other, their passions leading them from one personal crisis to another. Yet they both survive, and they are never far apart. All the bodily fluids of a vampire are tinged with blood, including tears, sperm, and sweat. They also heal rapidly, especially after feeding. I refer to the Enforcers in the story. They are a group of vampires who watch over the vampire community with ruthless vigor, making sure no human or vampire exposes the vampire community to danger from the outside world, and they will stop at nothing to protect their own, even going so far in extreme cases as to kill one of their own to protect the rest of the community.

I want to thank my beta reader Laurie of the Isles for her patience and hard work in whipping this story into shape. She is the queen beta reader of the universe.


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It was the first really warm summer night. The air was balmy and silent. The moon was nearly full and clouded by a haze created by the heat of the summer day. A long shower had relaxed Nicholas, and he stretched with feline grace as he leaned back against the side of the window ledge twenty feet above the floor of his loft. He propped himself against a large silk pillow and sank comfortably down into a thick silken bench pad he had custom made for his favorite little nook. He sipped a glass of wine-laced cow's blood, and in a moment of sheer sensual delight threw his black silk robe to the floor below. He perched naked and content upon his throne of silken softness.

He collected his thoughts and began to write with smooth long strokes. 'I really should start using the computer for this.' He thought to himself smiling, 'But, there is something satisfying about putting pen to paper.' He looked down at the wall near the door. 'I have to remember to put those bricks back when I'm done.' He made a mental note of it, and went back to writing. Recent events in the vampire community and other bits and pieces of his daily life among mortals flowed effortlessly into the journal. He was completely absorbed in his writing.

A black clad figure dropped silently from the skylight above, landing gracefully on the floor below. The unusual warmth of the night had no affect on him as he stood gazing up in delight at the alabaster beauty of his naked son. LaCroix himself was a sight to behold. A long sleeved black silk shirt draped him in custom fit perfection upon his strong broad shoulders. Perfectly creased black linen trousers hugged his strong waist and flowed down long muscled legs. A thick black leather belt with a silver buckle and black loafers completed his attire. His eyes shone like blue ice.

LaCroix thought Nicholas looked too happy to disturb, though the sensual creature relaxing so casually before him made him long to take what was his and his alone. It had been a very long time indeed. With great effort he decided to leave the check for the Toronto Hospice Care Network on the piano and depart without bothering Nicholas. He had told his son earlier in the week that he would be dropping off the check tonight, but Nicholas must have forgotten. LaCroix had promised to donate a large sum of money to the program as a concerned citizen and business owner. Actually, it was Nicholas who talked him into giving a considerable donation, although LaCroix couldn't care less about the melodrama of mortal life. It seemed the police department was deeply involved in this particular charity, and Detective Nicholas Knight wanted his 'Sire' to offer a substantial donation. He laughed silently at the thought of being a member of the mortal community. The fawning gratitude of the charity executives amused him immensely. LaCroix quirked a smile at the thought and prepared to make a silent exit when something in the corner by the door caught his eye.

A dozen bricks had been neatly piled on the floor by the door directly under a large opening in the wall. Nicholas was still deeply engrossed in his writing and didn't notice as LaCroix moved quietly closer to get a better look. LaCroix reached into the cool vault-like space and pulled out two notebooks. Each cover contained the boldly written words PERSONAL JOURNAL. As he quickly leafed through it, comments about the vampire community glared back at him. "NO...!" LaCroix shouted the word out with enough force to make the window at Nick's elbow rattle. The sudden explosion of sound made Nick jump sending the pen and journal crashing to the floor below. He braced himself and looked down to see LaCroix fuming while holding the two finished journals in his trembling hands. "NICHOLAS, WHAT HAVE YOU DONE?"

Nick was stupefied, and for a moment he just sat there. "What...What are you doing here, LaCroix?"

With his rage barely under control LaCroix responded, "I came to drop off the check." Then LaCroix pointed to the check on the piano.

"Oh yeah. I forgot." Nick muttered.

"It seems you've forgotten a great many things." LaCroix growled. LaCroix had stopped shouting, and that really made Nicholas nervous. LaCroix edged slowly towards the wall where his son sat perched like a scared pigeon. He spoke in a quiet restrained voice that sent shivers of fear through Nicholas. "What, my son, was the first lesson I taught you? What was the first rule I drummed into your lovely blond head after I brought you across?"

The tone of his master's voice terrified and excited Nicholas, but in his present state of nakedness he thought it wise to control his desires, which were being overshadowed by growing fear anyway. 'Oh God, I'm in for it now!', he thought to himself.

"ANSWER ME!" Nicholas jumped at the rage in LaCroix's voice. "Come down from that ledge, or I'll drag you down." Nicholas looked down at the silk robe on the floor. "Forget it, my boy. You can't have it. Now come down!"

Realizing he had no choice, Nicholas glided down slowly. LaCroix thought he looked more beautiful than an angel descending from heaven, but only the anger on his face was revealed to Nicholas. They stood facing each other. Nicholas looked down at his feet, unable to look LaCroix in the eye. LaCroix grabbed his son by the shoulders.

"Answer my question Nicholas, and look at me when you speak."

Nicholas looked up into a world of trouble. LaCroix was enraged and just barely in control. Nicholas answered quietly... "You told me never to give... even a hint of our existence... in the written word."

"What else Nicholas?" LaCroix tightened his grip.

Nicholas continued..."Our history is passed down from ...one to the other... through the spoken word only. The written word... could be used as a weapon...to destroy us. Any written proof of our existence would ...endanger the whole community." Nicholas finished stumbling through the words.

Then LaCroix couldn't contain himself any longer as he shouted into his son's face... "THEN WHAT, PRAY TELL, HAVE YOU BEEN DOING?"

Nick suddenly found his voice. "Let me go damn it." Then he pulled himself out of LaCroix's grip and fell to the floor. LaCroix was livid. Nicholas tried to get out of LaCroix's way, but he couldn't get to his feet fast enough.

"How many other journals are there Nicholas? Where are they? Please don't even suggest that there are copies of them ANYWHERE!!. ANSWER ME!!" LaCroix was exasperated as he continued. "If the Enforcers had the slightest idea..." At that moment Nick looked up insolently and cut LaCroix's words off.

"Well, they *HAVE* no idea LaCroix, unless you tell them!"

"DO YOU ACTUALLY THINK I WOULD DO THAT? You immature, selfish, whelp! I've loved you for nearly 800 years, and you still act like a fledgling."

Even as Nicholas pushed his father over the edge, he knew he was being unreasonable. He also knew the danger he could have put himself, his master, and the entire vampire community in. Nicholas looked up with the intent of sweet talking his way out of trouble and possibly calming some of his master's rage. Instead, his eyes nearly popped out of his head as LaCroix slowly and deliberately removed his wide leather belt from the belt-loops.

"LaCroix, what...what are you doing?"

"What. Do. You. Think. I'm. Doing?"

Nick was still on his back. The mild erection he had been so proudly displaying a moment earlier was gone, and he was desperate to escape this situation in one piece. Nicholas watched LaCroix intently and backed away across the floor as LaCroix wrapped the buckle and part of the belt around his large hand, ensuring that the buckle would remain safely away from Nicholas' naked skin.

Nicholas made the error of looking into his father's eyes. They were burning like fire. His second mistake was to turn over onto all fours in an effort to get up and head for the proverbial hills. LaCroix was too fast for him though, and in his fury landed a perfect shot across a well formed butt cheek. Nicholas screamed in surprise, pain, and a fair amount of humiliation. v The sound of his son's startled cry and the crack of the leather belt as it landed on his son's lovely bottom gave LaCroix complete and utter satisfaction.

"ENFANT TERRIBLE!" LaCroix shouted.

The force of the blow forced Nicholas flat on the floor. The next one landed on an unmoving target, leaving a perfect red streak along both cheeks.


The cracking sound of the belt was nearly as good as his son's futile cries, but not quite as good. The next blow landed higher up striking his upper right butt cheek leaving another perfect ruby-red streak. Nick continued to scream in protest. The next one hit his left thigh and cheek. Three more followed, lining his rear end with furious red streaks.

LaCroix stopped for a second and crossed to the right side of his son's sprawled body. "DO YOU NEVER LEARN?" Nick was not about to answer in that split second before his master landed the next blow. Nicholas considered trying to escape again, but LaCroix stopped him in his tracks. "DON'T EVEN CONSIDER IT, MARMOT!!" The sting of this blow was brutal as it crisscrossed the others, and it landed with a crack from the top of his right thigh all the way across both burning cheeks and up to his left side. The next three blows were equally as satisfying for LaCroix as the ones before, leaving hot red streaks up and down those beautiful, trembling cheeks.

LaCroix could see Nicholas was finished, exhausted, and crying in earnest. Blood-sweat was forming on his son's forehead, and he had stopped fighting back. LaCroix dropped the belt to the floor and bent down near his son's head. He pulled Nicholas' head up off the floor by the hair on the back of his head.

LaCroix finally had enough as well. He now spoke calmly and quietly to his son.

"Nicholas, I'll ask you one more time. How many books are there?"

Nicholas answered without hesitation. "Fifteen".

"Are all the books here?"

Nicholas answered quietly. "Yes."

"Are there any copies anywhere?"

Nicholas wiped blood-tinged tears from his face. "NO...father. No copies."

"I'll destroy them before I leave," LaCroix said, completely disgusted with this whole episode.

He let his son's head go and picked up the robe. He turned Nicholas over slowly and Nicholas flinched as his rear end touched the floor. "You deserved it mon fils...and more." He held Nicholas' head in his arms and covered him with the robe. Then LaCroix opened his own wrist. "Go ahead my favorite one, drink." Nicholas took the offering, drinking slowly and deeply, sending waves of pleasure through both of them. It immediately began to heal the well deserved physical and emotional lesson Nicholas had just endured.

LaCroix held his son close. "Nicholas...Do you have any idea how much I love you? Do you have any idea how much danger you could have put us both in?"

Nicholas finished drinking and began to gently lick his father's wound until it healed. "I know...I know. I'm sorry. I'm so...very sorry." The anger was gone from LaCroix, replaced by a desperate need to protect and love his most difficult child.

Nicholas reached up to gently kiss his master on the lips. "Am I forgiven father?"

LaCroix brushed the still damp blond curls off of his son's forehead. "Do I have a choice Nicholas?" LaCroix bent down to kiss Nicholas deeply. All resistance was gone from his son's completely healed body and spirit.

Nicholas responded with intense passion, pulling his master down, sucking and nibbling on his tongue. Nicholas' eyes were turning a pleasant shade of gold.

"Well, my boy, I should punish you more often. Let's take this to the bedroom, shall we?"

LaCroix flew them straight to his son's bed, planting Nicholas gently down in the middle. Nicholas' robe had been left downstairs. LaCroix quickly undressed and joined his eager offspring on the bed.

"What am I going to do with you Nicholas?

"You're going to make love to me old man. What do you think?"

"MMMM...Nicholas. When will you learn to behave?"

"Never, my loving father."

LaCroix had no intention of wasting any more time talking as he covered Nicholas with cool passionate kisses. Nicholas had been oversensitized by his earlier...encounter with LaCroix, and his body fairly begged for his master's touch. LaCroix kissed his son's delicate nipples, piercing the skin around them gently, tasting the intoxicating flavor of his son. Nicholas was too excited for a long session of LaCroix's usual foreplay, and LaCroix was in a similar state.

LaCroix growled. "We can play another time my sweet creation, but right now I want to fill you up completely.

Nicholas groaned in anticipation. It had been a very long time since they had shared such intimacies, and he was aching to feel LaCroix deep inside his body. "Oh please...yes..." Nicholas hissed through clenched teeth. LaCroix covered Nicholas with his own body. When their cool flesh touched Nicholas groaned deeply. His eyes were amber pools of sensual lust as he wrapped his legs around LaCroix's waist to pull him down.

LaCroix was more than ready to give Nicholas exactly what he wanted. Never taking his eyes away from his son's, he pierced his own finger, letting the blood drip onto his engorged penis. "Perfect lubrication for a vampire, don't you think Nicholas?" Then LaCroix plunged into the wonderfully tight opening.

Nicholas cried out in pleasure now, not pain, as his master slid all the way in and stayed there. The pleasure was unbearable. Nicholas whimpered as LaCroix pulled nearly all the way out and then plunged back in. Nicholas met every thrust with one of his own, and they felt their pleasure building, spiraling upward. LaCroix wrapped his hand around his son's hard shaft and pumped vigorously. The ancient vampire increased the speed of his own desperate thrusts.

It became impossible to go on. Instinct forced Nicholas' head to one side, offering the throbbing vein to his master. LaCroix moved his left wrist up to his son's swollen lips. They came in a blinding white light, screaming their pleasure through the loft. LaCroix drove his glistening fangs deep into his son's neck as Nicholas bit with trembling need into his father's wrist. They drank greedily from one another, their orgasm pushing them on and on through blinding ecstasy. The orgasm subsided gradually. With great gentleness each pulled away from the wound he had made in the other, and they lovingly licked the wounds until they healed.

For a long time neither one of them could move. LaCroix was still buried deep inside his son, and Nicholas had no desire to end their physical joining. Slowly LaCroix pulled out, and Nicholas gave a sigh of protest. "It's all right mon fils, we have all the time in the world."

Nicholas moved down to snuggle into a loving embrace. "Father?"

"Yes, Nicholas."

"You won't forget to destroy the journals will you?"

"Oh, I'm not going to destroy them you evil child, YOU ARE!...and I'll keep my belt handy just in case you give me any more trouble."

"Oh, I won't give you any more trouble father....at least not until the NEXT time."

LaCroix held his son a little tighter and whispered..."I'll be counting on it my love, I'll be counting on it."

LaCroix kissed his son's forehead.

"Get some sleep my Nicholas. You'll be needing it."

"I'll be counting on it," Nicholas mumbled as he drifted into a dreamless sleep.

The End

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