Up All Night, Sleep All Day
Part Two

by PiperML

Fandom: X-files

Pairing: Skinner/Mulder

Rating: Um, I'm not sure. This is my first slash piece, and I had to put the hot sex in just for Seeker. Um, at least I hope it is hot sex. :-) I'm just glad this is the internet and no one can see me blushing.

Disclaimer: My apologies to Chris Carter, 1013 Productions and 20th Century Fox Broadcasting for his characters that I am so shamelessly stealing and abusing. I am obviously not going to make one red cent from this. And yes, I did just come home from a Slaughter concert before naming this story. Why do you ask?

Archivists: If you think it's worth the web space, go for it, just don't change anything and keep my name and email addy on it. Thanks. :-)

Sometime later that afternoon, Walter Skinner climbs out of bed, stretching luxuriously, feeling refreshed after finally catching up on all of his lost sleep. Forgoing his robe and slippers he padded down the hallway to the bathroom, intent on a nice, rejuvenating shower. Flicking on the bathroom light, Walter surveyed the mess in the medicine cabinet and the purple stains in the sink, sighing loudly. "FOX MULDER! GET YOUR ASS IN HERE NOW! AND BRING THAT BRUSH!"

Fox Mulder jerks bolt upright, instantly on the move, his mouth dropping open as he hears his lover's enraged barking coming from the bathroom. His naked body is out of the bed and running for the bathroom, his still warm bottom dictating his quickness before his muddled brain finally remembers the state in which he left the other room.

He screeches to a halt directly in front of the door, his bare feet already turning to haul ass back the way they had come, momentarily considering locking himself in the bedroom until Skinner can have a chance to calm down. Before he can even take one step in the opposite direction, he feels a strong hand circle his upper arm, jerking him backwards and bringing his flight to a stop before it even had a chance to begin.

"Would you care to explain the mess I just found?" The strong hand directs Mulder into the bathroom, standing him before the sink to get a good look at the destruction.

Speaking rapidly, Mulder begins to babble, not sure who he is trying to convince more, himself or Walter. "Termites! I bet it was termites! That's the only explanation!" Fox fidgets nervously, tracing his finger along the edge of the countertop.

Hearty laughter resonates behind him. "Termites, my ass! Or your ass rather." Placing his hand on the younger man's shoulder, Skinner presses him down until his nose is inches above the basin, and his backside is uncomfortably perched out behind him. Shaking his head, Skinner begins to lecture. "What on earth were you thinking, making such a mess?" Skinner plants his hand in the small of Mulder's back. "Don't bother answering that and don't move a muscle."

Mulder knows exactly what to expect next, but is still surprised when the first blow of Skinner's hand comes smacking down across his bare cheeks, landing with a sharp slap. "OW!"

Skinner raises his hand again and places a matching slap on Mulder's other pink cheek. "I have no idea why you insist on making as much trouble for me as you can, Fox. What on earth goes through that brain of yours?" Skinner places rapid-fire smacks on each cheek, using the flat of his hand, each spank landing on Mulder's plumped out bottom as he continues lecturing. "If I didn't know any better I would swear you enjoy this!"

Glaring at the mess in the sink, Mulder lifts his bottom before each spank in an attempt to escape Skinner's heavy hand, but only manages to make his bottom more accessible to the blows raining down upon him. "I *DON'T* enjoy it!" Mulder tightens his grip on the countertop, gritting his teeth as he waits for Skinner to let up on the stinging blows.

Feeling himself released unexpectedly, Mulder hears the toilet seat drop into place. "Well, what are you waiting for? Get cleaning, Fox. Now. I want this bathroom sparkling just the way you found it. Your quickness will determine whether or not I use the bathbrush on you or not so I'd get moving if I were you."

Fox blinks at the messy sink for a moment, before springing into action, grabbing for a scrub pad and cleanser under the sink. He starts setting the medicine bottles back into place with one hand, while simultaneously turning on the water and sprinkling Ajax onto the purple stains. He looks quickly at Walter out of the corner of his eye, seeing that Walter has already picked up the bathbrush and is tapping it softly into the palm of his hand. Fox begins to scrub harder at the mess in the sink, the vision of Walter and the bathbrush being plenty of incentive to get the sink back to it's formally pristine state.

Dropping the empty cough syrup bottle into the trash can, Fox redoubles his efforts on the large stain in the sink, scrubbing for all his might, not encouraged by the remaining color staining the basin. He looks cautiously at the older man a second time. "Uh, sir... uhh... the stains aren't coming out."

Skinner sighs loudly, tapping the bathbrush more firmly in his hand, the brush making light popping sounds as it lands each time. "Well. What are we going to do about this, Mr. Mulder?"

Fox's eyes follow the rhythm of the brush as he gulps loudly, not liking the incessant way that Walter is banging that brush into his hand. "Well, I could buy you a new sink out of my next paycheck." Fox continues hopefully. "How would that be?"

The look in Skinner's eyes dashes any and all hope Mulder might have had that the brush wouldn't be making acquaintance with his backside. "Not good enough, I'm afraid." Skinner urges gently. "What happens to naughty boys who have temper tantrums, Fox?"

A blush creeps across Mulder's cheeks when he realizes what Walter wants him to say. He stammers shyly for a moment, not wanting to say the words that will damn him to another over the knee encounter. He looks optimistically at Walter for a moment. "Please, Walter. Don't make me say it."

The A.D. motions Mulder over to him, a no-nonsense look on his face. Mulder's feet feel like lead as he steps hesitantly closer to the older man, eyeing the bathbrush nervously. In the blink of an eye, Skinner tugs Mulder quickly over his lap, settling his bottom highly over one knee and resting the bathbrush on the center of his uplifted backside. "I'm going to ask you one more time, Fox. What happens to naughty boys who have temper tantrums?"

Sighing loudly, Mulder would have folded his arms if his position had allowed for it, not the smartest move he's ever made in his life. "They get spanked, Sir."

Walter almost chuckles at the little imp draped so fetchingly over his lap, bare bottom jutting towards the bathroom ceiling. "That is correct, Fox. I don't know why you insist on misbehaving so often. It's not like we haven't had this talk more times than I can count."

Walter begins to drone on as he lectures, Fox's shoulders slumping as he realizes this is going to be one of the long ones. He knows most of them by heart at this point. This is the one he affectionately refers to as the "Your Behavior Dictates My Actions" lecture.

"For Christ's sake! Would you just get on with it!" Fox clasps both hands over his mouth, not believing that the words he had only intended on thinking had actually popped out of his mouth. "I didn't mean that, Sir! Honest!"

Walter's arm tightens firmly around Mulder's waist as the only reply heard is the sound of a bath brush cracking loudly against two very firm, plump cheeks as Walter angrily begins to spank. "Seems we need to have a little chat about respect as well, Fox. Have you forgotten whom you are talking to?"

"OW! No Sir! I'm sorry! I'll get the sink clean, I will!" Fox kicks the back of his legs mightily, droning his bare toes against the tile in time to the sharp spanks, feeling as if his ass was just ignited by a blowtorch.

Skinner goes to work with the back of the heavy wooden bathbrush, smacking each bare cheek with loud, stinging blows that leave white imprints that almost instantly fill in with red.

Mulder is amazed at the severity with which Skinner has started spanking him, as he tries to slide off the A.D.'s lap unsuccessfully, bleating out apologies and promises in-between yelps and squeals of pain. "Ow! Ow! Sir! Please! I promise, I'll get the sink clean! OW!"

Mulder's wails blend together as his world becomes entirely focused on one part of his anatomy. Trying to anticipate where each blow of the brush will land, he squirms his bottom in preparation, with the meager hope that he could manage to escape a single blow. His squirms are in vain, however, as Walter unerringly blisters Fox's bottom, without a single stroke missed.

Mulder gets so caught up in his misery that he doesn't notice for several long moments that the bathbrush has finally stopped smacking his bottom and a large hand is gently massaging one fiery cheek.

His sobs finally abate to whimpers as he drags one arm across his wet face, feeling a tightness across his loins as he responds to the gentle ministrations. "Sorry, Walter, sorry."

"I know, Fox. It's all over now." Walter's large hand continues gently squeezing and caressing each red cheek in turn, lightly patting the redness while speaking softly and soothingly. "You just need to realize that I am not going to allow you to behave like a two year old. There are consequences for your actions. If your going to behave like a naughty little boy, then I am going to treat you accordingly. Do you understand?"

Renewed tears began to slip from Mulder's eyes as he listens to Walter's quiet words. "Yes, sir. I understand. I do. It's just.... it's just.... I was so angry earlier...."

Walter's hand continued to trace light pattern across each red cheek, lightly rubbing and patting, soothing the bottom that only moments before he had been spanking so thoroughly. "Why were you angry, Fox?"

Dragging his arm over his wet eyes once again, Fox replied quietly. "Because you were ignoring me. I wanted to love you and you wouldn't let me."

Walter's grip tightened on Fox's bottom, changing from gentle pattings to something that promised more as he gently slipped a finger between Mulder's bottom cheeks, tickling gently. "I was tired, Fox. Surely you understand that. It doesn't mean I love you any less." Walter chuckled. "Sometimes us old guys need some rest." Walter's finger began to gently probe at the tiny opening hidden between Fox's cheeks as he spoke flirtingly. "I'm not tired anymore, though."

Fox grew quiet as Walter's fingers gently explored his most private area. A wicked little mischievous grin plied across his lips as he felt himself begin to harden, his hips beginning to wiggle slightly as he ground his hardness against Walter's soft thigh. Tilting his head to look at Walter, Fox gave Walter his best pout. "Well, now *I'm* too tired."

Fox knew exactly what to expect next as Walter's heavy hand landed on one red cheek. "Oh, is that right? Too tired for me, huh? Well, perhaps I haven't taught you enough of a lesson yet."

Walter lifted his hand yet again, and brought it down lightly on Mulder's other cheek, well used to this little game of Mulder's. Fox gasped as Walter began lightly spanking his bottom, grinding his now well-engorged hardness into Walter's thigh, humping his lap as he moaned loudly, his eyes shutting with pleasure as he ran his hands up and down Walter's muscular leg.

"Ohhh, yes, Walter, yes. Tell me I'm a bad boy, please!" Fox's humping began to become frantic as Walter drove him to a frenzy with each light, well-placed spank. "Tell me, Walter! Please!"

Walter gently spread Fox's cheeks, his fingertip seeking entrance to Mulder's hot tightness, gently probing, then insistently pressing forward until Fox finally granted him entrance, spreading his legs wider as he humped and bucked across Walter's lap. "Now, Walter, now, please! Don't make me wait any longer! I can't stand it!"

Urged on by Mulder's pleadings, Walter drove his finger forward at last, using his free hand to spank each red cheek sharply. "Your my naughty boy, aren't you, Fox? Your my bad little boy and need your Daddy to spank you, don't you?"

"Oh God! Yes, Walter! I'm your naughty, boy! Spank me, Daddy! Spank your naughty boy hard!" Fox frantically ground his hard shaft against Walter's leg, and then drove himself backwards, impaling his tightness on Walter's finger, grinding back and forth until he thought he would lose his mind from the pleasure, until his orgasm finally gripped him, spewing forth across Walter's legs.

Before Mulder could come back to earth, he felt himself lifted from Walter's lap and placed over the side of the cold tub, his still-hard cock pressing against the cold porcelain. He lifted his bottom automatically, squirming from side to side in his anticipation. "Please, Walter. Hurry. I need you inside of me, right now!" Fox's wiggling grew more determined as he heard the cabinet door open. Peering over his shoulder, he watched as Walter opened the jar of lubricant and began spreading it across his hardness, lightly stroking himself as he watched Fox's glowing bottom wiggle.

Barely able to catch his breath, Fox began to plead once more as Walter took his sweet time lubricating himself, knowing that he was driving Fox crazy. "Walter, dammit! Hurry up! I swear you do this just to drive me crazy!"

Walter grinned his irrepressible grin at Fox as he moved into position behind him finally, his hand automatically coming down onto Fox's bottom, leaving another red handprint in its wake. "Would I do that, Fox?" Walter gently separated Fox's bottom cheeks again, nudging the tip of his hardness against Mulder's tightness. "Take a deep breath, Fox," Walter gently urged as he pressed insistently forward, gasping as Fox's tightness enveloped him in its warmth.

Mulder lifted his bottom welcomingly for Walter, wanting to press back tightly onto him, urging Walter inside him quicker, as Walter unrelentingly took his time filling Mulder's bottom with his hardness. Fox resumed his wiggling as Walter firmly held his hips in place to tease him as he slowly crept forward, long pauses intermingled with slow movements, until Walter was finally buried deeply inside Fox. Mulder shut his eyes, feeling at peace now that he was finally joined with his love, squeezing himself tightly around Walter's hard shaft, not willing for him to withdraw yet, just wallowing in the moment of fullness.

All too soon, Walter began sliding his erection from deep within Mulder, easing backwards until only the mushroom of his head remained engulfed within Fox's warmness. Fox whimpered at the feeling of emptiness, wiggling his hips from side to side, feeling his own cock brush against the coldness of the tub. "Please, Walter, please..." Fox began babbling incoherently as he begged for Walter to take him, offering him everything he had to give.

Walter once again began his slow descent, plundering Fox slowly, inch by agonizing inch, this time moving slightly faster in his own eagerness to be engulfed inside the man he loved. His own hips betraying him as he began to press himself firmly into Mulder, a groan escaping from his own lips. Finally tiring of the torturous game he was playing, Walter plunged himself deeply within Fox, withdrew, and drove himself inside again.

Fox let out a small shriek and tightened his grip on the edge of the tub, lifting his bottom and preparing himself for Walter's frenzied love-making as he began quickly driving himself in and out of Mulder's offered bottom. Fox drove himself backwards onto Walter's hard shaft as fast as he could manage, meeting Walter's frantic movements, thrust for thrust, as they both vocally began voicing their pleasure with soft grunts and loud moans, until Walter finally emptied himself deep inside of Fox, letting out a deep bellow as his orgasm finally took him.

Walter collapsed against Fox's back, winding his arms around his waist to hug him tightly from behind, his erect cock still buried deeply within Fox as they both panted to regain their breath. Once Walter found his voice, he softly whispered in Fox's ear. "I love you."

Fox smiled, feeling at genuine peace, as his heart rate began to slow. "I love you, too, Walter."

Reluctant to break the bond between them, Walter stayed for a few moments longer, before finally withdrawing from Fox's warmth. Helping his young lover to stand, Walter pulled Fox to him, one hand cupping Fox's well-spanked bottom as his tongue sought entrance to Fox's mouth for a deep kiss.

Finally breaking off the kiss, Fox turned and bent over the tub, turning the warm water on, intent on sharing a shower with his lover. Walter landed several soft spanks onto Mulder's bottom as he remained bent, fiddling with the knobs to adjust the temperature. Fox turned to grin at Walter. "Don't you ever get enough? My ass feels like I sat on the stove or something."

Walter grinned back as they stepped under the hot stream of water, placing Mulder in front of him to admire his bright red bottom while they showered. One hand began to automatically soap Fox's back, while the other cupped one bare-bottomed cheek. Walter made a soft clicking sound as he tsk tsked under his breath. "That's quite the mouth you are getting on you, Mulder. Maybe Daddy needs to take you over his knee again, hmm?"

Fox blushed as he pressed his bottom into Walter's hand more firmly, knowing that they have quite the afternoon ahead of them. "Perhaps so, Daddy. Perhaps so."

The End

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