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Warning: these stories contain discipline. If that isn't your bag, please visit somewhere else. Stories may contain slash and or m/f situations.

Fandom Abbreviatons:
ABM: A Beautiful Mind
Alias: Alias
AT: A-Team
BG: Battlestar Gallactica
BM: Batman
BZ: Bonanza
FK: Forever Knight
FT: Family Ties
HL: Highlander
HP: Harry Potter
LOTR: Lord of the Rings
MAG 7: Magnificent Seven
QAFUS: Queer As Folk: US version
QL: Quantum Leap
ST:TOS: Star Trek: The Original Series
ST:VOY: Star Trek: Voyager
SW: Star Wars
TBAA: Touched By An Angel
TC: The Commish
TS: The Sentinel
VG: Velvert Goldmine
WW: West Wing
XF: The X-Files
XM: The X-Men
YIJ: Young Indiana Jones


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2 Stories located on the Danville Universe Page


Survival, Missing Scene: A missing scene from the Survival episode of 'The Sentinel.' TS fandom. 84K

One of our anonymous authors has chosen a pseudonym. You will now find 'Turkey Hunt' and 'The Breaks' under whiteoaks.


The Beginning: Life starts afresh. OC 39K

Comeuppance : Mulder gets it wrong. Again. Skinner tries to persuade him to get it right next time. XF fandom. 52K

Bear Dog

Attack of the Dreaded Snow-Wraiths: Set during the Fellowship's journey together. Gandalf allows Merry and Pippin to stand watch together, the two hobbits get bored and mayhem ensues. LOTR fandom. 18K new

Blades, Riddles and Sand: During a mission, Obi-Wan manages to test Qui-Gon's patience once too often. SW fandom. 27K

Fireworks at Bilbo's Party: LOTR fandom. A "missing scene" from the film, following Merry and Pippin's little escapade with Gandalf's fireworks. 10K


A New Insight: Obi-Wan is being difficult in the morning, and his Master realises something new. SW fandom. 17K

The Scarlet Butt-Scorcher
Chapter 1: It's about a young French noble boy and his adventures with his famous English savior Walter Skinner, the Scarlet butt-scorcher, who had a habit of leaving a bright red bottom on French soldiers whenever he saved one useless aristocrat during the French Revolution. XF fandom. 34K
Chapter 2: The boys made their escape. 37K

Beta and Jas Masson

Misadventures of a Young Special Agent in Training: XF fandom.
#1 - A Rocky Beginning: AD Walter Skinner was reluctant to take a child to raise and train to be a special agent. 25K
#2 - All Days We Spent Together Were Good But Some Were Better Than Others...: The title said everything! 35K
#3 - A Disastrous Escapade: Young Cadet Fox Mulder got himself in big trouble. 44K


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Blue Moon

1 Story located on the Danville Universe Page


Saving Time: OC
Up to Chapter 10


The Un-Amusement Park: XF fandom.
Part 1 11K
Part 2 17K

Brown Eyed Girl

1 Story located on the Danville Universe Page

House Call: QAFUS fandom. 24K

Mulder's Midnight Visitor: Christmas story. XF fandom. 34K

Pest Control: XF fandom. 34K

Punishment Night: XF fandom. 24K

A Rose For Lotta - Missing Scene: BZ story 24K

Cadillac Red

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Note: All Danville Universe stories may be found on the Danville Universe Page for easier access.


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9 Stories located on the Danville Universe Page plus
14 Stories located on the Threads of the Tapestry Universe Page


So What Did You Do This Weekend?: HL fandom 15K
Not the Best Way to Start a Week: HL fandom 21K

Waifs and Strays: Jack and Dominic OC
Waifs and Strays 17K
Wonderland 16K
Todd 15K
A Weekend Away 25K

Elrond's House: LOTR fandom. WIP. 24K new

Fireworks: LOTR fandom. 9K

The Inn at Bree: LOTR fandom. 7K

Joe's New Pony: BZ fandom 18K

So Who Are You and What Did You Do With My Brother?: BZ fandom 32K


Who's Afraid of the Rubber-Maid: Mulder got stuck in a love doll. XF fandom. 54K

Conspiracy Buff

We Have Always Lived in the Castle: XF fandom.
Chapter 1: Mulder goes ghost hunting. 12K
Chapter 2 12K


Age Difference: A birthday spanking... sort of ;) VG fandom 19K

Adjustments: Arthur deals with some adjustments in life and love. VG fandom 32K

Deserving: Curt, Brian and a hairbrush. VG fandom 6K

Diana Williams

Bottom's Up: Mulder and Skinner tell Scully about how they got together. XF fandom. 35K

First You Catch Your Bat...: Desperate needs call for desperate actions - don't they? And then again... BM fandom. 36K
A Bird in the Hand: The morning-after, Bruce's POV. BM fandom. 25K

The Last Leap: QL fandom 14K

Chains Universe: The "Chains" universe is centered around the Dionysus Club and involves various aspects of BDSM including domination, subservience, slave training, erotic games, and bondage. XF fandom.
Chains of Desire to Chapter 49
Forging the Chains to Chapter 18

Slave of My Heart: Finding his family disgraced and himself sold into slavery, Fox learns that only one man stands between him and a horrifying fate - Lord Walter. WARNING: This story takes place in a Medieval time period and depicts a real master/slave relationship, NOT a consensual BDSM relationship - "Chains" is for fun but this is for real. If you think that this might bother you, please read the detailed Warnings in the Intro to the story. XF fandom.
#1 - Claiming
#2 - Taming
#3 - Interlude
#4 - Lost
#5 - Found :

Young Obi-Wan series: SW fandom.
Located at the Orphans of Discipline site
Up to Chapter 10


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Dora Py and Anna Gramme

Amusery: Someone walks back into Alex Krycek's life - and trouble follows her. XF fandom. 67K


Family Matters : An XM series.
Up to chapter 29
Due to the size of this series, I have moved it off-site to reside on a part of my sound site ~Eleri

Sleepless: HL fandom 68K
Kansas in August: sequel to 'Sleepless' 54K
Negotiations: sequel to 'Kansas in August' 79K
Of Cabbages and Kings 60K
Pinball 29K
Postage Due: Long into a relationship with Mac, Methos misbehaves on purpose and pays the price much to the enjoyment of both, with a little angst for spice. HL fandom. 38K new


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Eleri Sea

Bastinado: The consequences of running. 4K

Over the Knee: Snapshot of a spanking. 6K

Security Report: What the security guard heard... (SW) 4K

Elizabeth Marshall

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More Vampire Sex For Mulder (Eventually): XF/FK 11K

Elly May

The Pet: ST:TOS fandom
Chapter 1 16K
Chapter 2 11K
Chapter 3 17K
Chapter 4 16K
Chapter 5 15K
Chapter 6 20K
Chapter 7 18K


An End Most Sweet: Mulder reports to Skinner upon returning from a case. XF fandom. 5K


Brothers - OC
Chapter 1 16K
Chapter 2 16K

Eric and Jamie - OC
Chapter 1 16K
Chapter 2 11K
Chapter 3 17K
Chapter 4 16K
Chapter 5 15K
Chapter 6 20K
Chapter 7 18K
Chapter 8 17K
Chapter 9 14K
Chapter 10 16K
Chapter 11 14K


The Art of Love: HL fandom 18K


Adjustments - Richie takes on an enemy of Duncan MacLeod's and now must face his lover's wrath. HL fandom.

Pride Goeth...: XF fandom.

Trouble With a Capital T and That Rhymes With G and That Stands For Gun: HL fandom. 19K
The Dangers of Joy Riding: Sequel to 'Trouble With a Capital T...' HL fandom. 9K

Frances Rolfe

Guys Night Out Arc: HL fandom #1 - Ambivalent Desire 110K
#2 - Another One Bites the Fluff 26K
#3 - Party Time: HL/QAFUS crossover. 49K new


...And Spoil the Child: FK fandom 19K


off-site link
Bringing Him Close: XF fandom.

Insomnia: XF fandom.

Special Attention: XF fandom.

The Worst and the Best: XF fandom.


Battle of Wills - OC
Chapter 1: A young girl is instinctively struggling against the rules... Her teacher is there to help her grow up, learning something himself in the process. Answer to the M/F challenge. 44K

If Only: Be bad - pay the price... what else can a girl dream of? OC - M/F 21K

A Note on the Fridge Door: OC M/F 3K


Check out her personal page for the latest updates HollyIlex's homepage


Young Indiana Jones : Adventures Out West: YIJ fandom
Chapter 1 20K
Chapter 2 18K
Chapter 3 16K
Chapter 4 17K
Chapter 5 34K
Chapter 6 17K
Chapter 7 16K


Primary Motivation: Mulder puts his own life at risk once too often and Skinner is then determined to rein him in for good. XF fandom. 70K

Jami Wilson

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Jas Masson

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Lost and Found: Vin, against advice of counsel (Chris), takes off, is chased, is caught and is told and shown he is loved. Mag 7 fandom. 28K
Don't Play with Fire, You Might Get Burned: A call in the night leads to a pain in the rear. Mag 7 fandom. 29K


The Fight: A spelling challenge story. BG fandom. 16K


Catharsis: XF fandom. 7K


Regression: Historical. TS Fandom Chapter 1 16K
Chapter 2 13K
Chapter 3 9K
Chapter 4 11K
Chapter 5 (final) 20K


Birthday Blues: It's Obi-Wan's birthday and he thinks Qui-Gon has forgotten. Trouble ensues... SW Fandom32K

Catharsis: Set during Star Wars: A New Hope, just after Obi-Wan's death at the hands of Darth Vader. Obi-Wan finds that the afterlife is not what he expected, but it may offer salvation in an unexpected way. SW fandom. 33K

Jealousy: Having been secretly in love with his Master for years, Obi-Wan is struck by a sudden and very severe case of jealousy when he sees someone else flirting with Qui-Gon. SW fandom. 41K

Trust Your Instincts: Obi-Wan is being a brat. Qui-Gon finds a solution. SW Fandom. 12K

The Way it Should Have Been: SW fandom 19K


Almost: TS fandom 16K
Late Night: TS fandom. Sequel to 'Almost'. 10K

Kindred Spirits: XF/TS crossover 139K
Stakeout: Prequel to 'Kindred Spirits'. Sentinel fandom 18K

Kristen K2

Like a Girl: XF fandom.
#1 - She Hits Like a Girl : When Walter disappears at Christmastime, who's going to rein in Alex? M/M/F 23K
#2 - With-a-Heart : Alex attempts to understand the strange new creature in his life. 94K
#3 - Her Grief and Her Care: In the aftermath of a spanking, Kim makes some surprising connections between her past and her present. Heavy angst alert. 105K
Tiger Lilies and Roses: Alex goes shopping. Third party POV. 14K

Thirty Years of Tears: Skinner struggles with losing his sight. Prequel to 'To Sir, With Love' 43K
To Sir, With Love: A glimpse into a working relationship. 16K


After Weathertop: LOTR fandom. 23K new

Lessons in the Night: Follow-up to The Inn at Bree by Claire. LOTR fandom. 26K new

Laura Castellano

For the Good of Mankind: Spoilers for Requiem. XF fandom. 15K


The following story is part of the Hard/Soft Universe. The rest of the series can be found at Skinnerotica. The order is as follows: 'Hard', 'Soft', 'Fantasy Allowed', 'Fantasy Realized' and 'Weekend in Paradise'
Making Do: XF fandom.
Chapter One 13K
Chapter Two 12K
Chapter Three 15K

Mistress Lea's New Pet: XF fandom.
Part 1: Title explains it all! 12K

Part 2 15K
Part 3 18K


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The Apology: Will Tom learn a new way to apologize? ST:VOY Fandom 22K

Mary Ann

Cat and Mouse: OC 8K

Michael Arianna

And Their Scent is That of the Ones The Children Used To Know: Alias fandom. Vaughn thinks there's something familiar about Bristow... 13K
And the Depth of Their Pain is Such That the Children Cannot Conceive: Vaughn stumbles on a secret that causes him to question his relationship with Bristow. Alias fandom. 40K new

A Beautiful Mind 20K

Human Again: WW fandom. 18K
Dark Suits, Tattered Jeans, and Faded Rugs: WW fandom. The after effect of Sam's reaction to the President's MS, as mentioned in "Human Again." 45K
All We Like Sheep: WW fandom. He serves at the pleasure of the President. 11K
Suppression: There are times when silence isn't golden. There are times when silence is merely a curtain to shroud the screams of a suppressed soul. Or, there are lines that must not be crossed... WW fandom. 14K new


1 Story located on the Danville Universe Page


Aftermath: Shortly after Terma, Krycek and Mulder meet again, and deal with the aftermath of their trip in Russia. Non-discipline. XF fandom. 23K

Sweet Night: Takes place during Tunguska, when Mulder brings Krycek to Skinner's place at the Crystal Tower, before their trip to Russia. Skinner decides that he could have more fun with Krycek in his bed rather than on his balcony. Mulder gives him a helping hand. XF fandom. 31K


The Game: XF fandom.
Chapters 1 - 6 68K
Chapters 7 - 12 61K
Chapters 13 - 18 79K


Finding Justin: What happens when Brian finds Justin after he runs away. QAFUS fandom 23K


Up All Night, Sleep All Day XF fandom. 11K
Up All Night, Sleep All Day 2 19K


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18 Stories located on the Danville Universe Page

The Persuaders

Aah Christmas: A Christmas Round Robin - open to anyone for more additions. XF fandom. 25K

The Conquest of the CPA's: The bad aliens have been beaten back by the good aliens. The good aliens have decided to 'micro-manage' earth. Round Robin - open to anyone for more additions. XF/TS fandom. 13K


2 Stories located on the Danville Universe Page


A Lesson in Restraint: Merry teaches Pippin a lesson after the latter has snatched the Palantir. This story is based upon events in *TTT*, and occurs after Gandalf 'leaves them together for a while'. 40K new


A Matter of Trust: JAG fandom. Answer to the M/F challenge. 32K


To Ditch or Not to Ditch XF fandom. 14K

Ravish'd Justice - OC
Part 1 83K
Part 2 56K

Ranger and Rolf

Damien and Nick - OC
Tangled Webs 27K
Honour Amongst Thieves 41K
Working Week 57K
Secrets 45K
Anastasia 58K

Luke and Val - OC
The Brat and the Bodyguard
Chapter 1 29K
Chapter 2 18K
Chapter 3 14K
Mix and Match 33K
The Photoshoot
Part 1 32K
Part 2 29K
Part 3 34K
Part 4 32K
Part 5 26K
Part 6 20K
Clipped Wings 74K
Beyond the Call of Duty 113K

Mistaken Magic: HP fandom 74K


Cruel To Be Kind: XF fandom. 11K

A Harsh Word: LOTR fandom. 11K

Startled: TS fandom. 34K

Sunday Night: XF fandom. 5K
Sunday Afternoon: XF fandom. 6K
Sunday Morning: XF fandom. 7K

Weather or Not: XF fandom. 24K


Rolf and Matthew - OC
The Ticket
#1 - The Ticket 29K
#2 - The Day After the Ticket 16K
#3 - Second Strapping 20K
The Motorcycle Accident
Part 1 10K
Part 2 83K


Miss Lucille's Lingerie Boutique: XF fandom.
Chapter 1: Skinner has neglected the most important person in his life and tries to salvage the relationship. 31K
Chapter 3 22K

The Truth About Blow Jobs: XF fandom.
Chapter One -- Prologue: Captured by a Sex Fiend: The Untold Story of Mulder's Abduction 8K
Chapter Two -- How It All Began 11K
Chapter Three -- The Trap Closes 9K
Chapter Four -- Smut Interlude 13K
Chapter Five -- Skinner to the Rescue - Sort of 13K
Chapter Six -- Pascagoula 16K


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Southern Belle

Daniel and ... - OC
Daniel and Trevor 3K
Moon Glow 10K
The Cabin

The Phone 4K

Speed and Junior

Soul Mate: Mulder loses the love of his life. XF fandom. 9K
Soul Mate 2 13K
Soul Mate 3: Mulder regains something dear to his heart. 19K
Soul Mate 4 25K


Mulder's Folly
Chapter 1: Mulder's penchant for practical jokes ends up *backfiring*. Part of the Video Tape series from Xraycat. XF fandom. 22K
Chapter 2 18K


New Boy in Town: Walter Skinner/Ricky Caruso. XF/TC 14K

Red Tailed Hawk: XF fandom. 73K

Spy Versus Spy: XF/TC 57K

Walter Skinner Ties One On: XF fandom. 10K

Filk: XF fandom.
What'll We Do With a Naked Mulder 3K
A Cane and a High Collar 4K
Britches over Marbled Behinds 2K

Poems: XF fandom.
To a Ratty by Bunny Burns 4K
My Lovers' Buns are Colored a Red, Red Rose by Bunny Burns and Agent Doggerel 2K
How Do I Spank Thee by Ursula Bare It and Brown It 2K
Lord MacSkinner's Soliloquy by Walter Strikes-Spheres 4K
Summer's Day by Walter Spanksphere 2K


Caring Hands: Face accepts discipline from one of the Team members. AT fandom 35K
Forcing His Hand: Face's childish attitude gets him into trouble; Murdock's curiosity gets him some of the same trouble. AT fandom 19K
Double Trouble: AT fandom 21K
Guiding Hands: AT fandom 45K

A Lesson in Motives: BM fandom. 16K
A Lesson in Obedience: sequel to 'A Lesson in Motives' 30K
A Lesson in Decorum: sequel to 'A Lesson in Obedience 10K
A Lesson in Consequences: sequel to 'A Lesson in Decorum' 25K


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2 Stories located on the Danville Universe Page

whiteoaks and Cadillac Red

Chapter One: AU, a polio outbreak has caused a new family to come together. XF fandom. 46K


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1 Story located on the Danville Universe Page

off-site 24/7 title page
Up to Part 24

Walter Skinner's Day Off : It isn't easy being in charge of two wayward lovers, and sometimes the pressure can be too much...

on-site Good Boys Need Spankin' Too: XF fandom. 30K

Queer as X-Folk...: When is canon not canon? Well, I'm sure we all remember a certain whole season of Dallas... XF fandom. 13K

R & R: XF fandom. 27K

Shamrock: XF fandom. 28K

Symbiosis: XF fandom. 35K

What's Sauce for the Goose... XF fandom. 7K


Adventures in Babysitting: XF fandom. 21K

Bad Dream - A restless Mulder has a bad dream, then wakes up to reality. XF fandom. 10K

The Birthday Present - It's Mulder's birthday and Skinner finds the perfect gift. XF fandom. 25K

The Blindfold - A short story of a close encounter. XF fandom. 5K

Blue Fox: XF fandom. 29K

The Bottom of my Heart: XF fandom. 9K

Fuller Brush Man: XF fandom. 10K

Happy Spanksgiving 26K

Jokes a la Mulder - Mulder's jokes do not amuse Scully. XF fandom. 4K

Lasting Reminders: XF fandom. 6K

Out of Control: XF fandom. 8K

Poem - A short poem. XF fandom. 1K

Red Fox: XF fandom. 13K

Squicky Tales Part 1 - A discussion on the Persuaders list about things we didn't like, or 'squicks', brought about this story in which everyone 'gets it'. XF fandom. 24K

Squicky Tales Part 2 - Continuation of the above. 20K

X Marks the Spot - Mulder messes up again and Skinner gives him something to think about as a reminder of his punishment at the end of the day. XF fandom. 11K

Yardwork: XF fandom. 14K
Easter Bunny *Buns*: Sequel to 'Yardwork'. XF fandom. 26K


Bad Blood: Bad Attitude: Vampires in Texas! Who ya gonna call? XF fandom. 16K

Kitsugenari: The Sly Fox is Caught: Mulder must answer for his actions during the manhunt for Robert Modell and Linda Bowman. XF fandom. 12K

Oubliette: Reprise: Fox has issues concerning the death of Lucy Householder. Walter is determined to help. XF fandom. 12K

The Video Tape series: XF fandom.
#1 - Frohike's Fury 9K
#2 - The Lone Gunmen's Return 9K
#3 - Mulder, Spankings and Video Tape: Skinner learns something about Mulder. Mulder learns a *hard* lesson. 13K
#4 - Don't Mess With Maggie: Mulder *experiences* a mother's touch. 34K
#5 - Confession is Good for the Soul: Mulder regrets his actions, and bares his soul. 13K
#6 part 1 - Dana's Story or: Don't Mess with Maggie's Daughter : Scully finally figures into the equation. 21K
#6 part 2 - Dana's Story II or: How Skinner Got His Groove Back 22K
#7 - Hearts and Flowers: Skinner asks Mulder and Scully to help an old buddy with a particularly gruesome serial murder investigation. 40K
#8 - You Can Go Home Again: Walter returns to his home town in an emergency. Fox and Dana soon follow. 49K
#9 - Friends and Mothers: Mulder follows a clue that may lead him to his missing sister. 30K
#10 - Fox and Walter's Excellent Adventure: Fox and Walter see (and are seen in) Boston, during a weekend adventure. 32K

Fandom Abbreviatons:
Alias: Alias
AT: A-Team
BG: Battlestar Gallactica
BM: Batman
BZ: Bonanza
FK: Forever Knight
HP: Harry Potter
HL: Highlander
FT: Family Ties
MAG 7: Magnificent Seven
QAFUS: Queer As Folk: US version
QL: Quantum Leap
ST:TOS: Star Trek: The Original Series
ST:VOY: Star Trek: Voyager
SW: Star Wars
TBAA: Touched By An Angel
TC: The Commish
TS: The Sentinel
VG: Velvert Goldmine
WW: West Wing
XF: The X-Files
XM: The X-Men
YIJ: Young Indiana Jones

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