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Welcome to the archive for the Persuaders mailing list!
Located within these pages are some of the wonderful stories written by our members, sources of inspiration and links to further information.

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Last updated on February 22, 2002

Links updated on December 4, 2001

Quick Archivist's Note - June 29, 2004: Not a real update really. I'm still alive and totally so far removed from the webpage, it took me an hour to cycle through all my passwords to get in to this one. I am so sorry about the dissappearance. I was at least determined to keep it up... if not updated.

I hope to someday get back to this, but there never seems to be the time. Ah, well. I've changed my addy on this page to at least be reachable easier in case of problems. Can't promise a speedy answer, though.

Love ya all! Even if I'm not around!

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Quick Other Fandom Listing updated

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The Danville Universe page

The Persuaders Drink Page - Currently down for a day or two for a move and update.

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Links to further information updated

Bar Choice Page - for members of the archive

We now have a feedback e-mail for those authors who do not have an e-mail listed with their story. If you want to send feedback e-mail to any author or myself, send it to Cute, huh? ;)

Take a moment and gaze in wonder at our banner at the top of the page. Love it? I certainly do! Great big kudos to Kelly for creating it for me. Drop her a line and let her know you love it, too!

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