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November 15, 2004:

It is with a heavy heart that we write this message to all of you. Obviously, it's been almost a year since our last posting, and many of you have written to ask if/when another posting will occur. It certainly wasn't our intention to allow this much time to pass, and we apologize for letting the inevitable drag on so long. Writing the Snippets stories had been one of the most fun projects, I think it's safe to say, that I or Padawan Providence has ever undertaken. It taught us so much about writing, about why we love these characters, about why plot has to serve the characters and not the other way around...and it taught us how to work together as a team as friends and writing collegues. Sadly, while both of us at different times have attempted to write the next part in this story, our attentions have both been divided into another writing project, which we have great hopes in. It's impossible to move forward without letting go, though it breaks my heart, we have had to bid farewell to the Snippets. It has been our pleasure and our privilige to write knowing that you all would be reading our stories, and your feedback, suggestions, and praise meant more than either of us can ever say. Thank you for years of faithful reading, and thank you for encouraging us as writers when both of us were still trying to figure out what being a writer meant. This experience will always be something we look back on corporately and individually with great fondness, and your part in it will never be forgotten. Blessings on you all.

We will leave the Snippets up for a few weeks to allow people a chance to save any parts of the story that they wish. After that time, we will be taking the site down. Thank you for understanding. Yours, Master Maverick and Padawan Providence

October 26, 2003:

It is nearly impossible to believe it's been a month already, but that crispy air and all those crazy carved pumpkins are evidence enough. Hey, at least it's almost December, and that means LOTR! (We have a long wait until the Flanneled One gets Ep III out, but Peter Jackson did this trilogy thing right.) Sigh. But we digress. Snippet 85 is up, so read it quickly before the trick-or-treaters ring your doorbell. Happy Halloween!

September 26, 2003:

Hey, everyone. It's been a little quiet of late...hope that you're all doing okay out there in the great unknown. Snippet 84 is piping hot and the table's set, so feel free to dig in.

August 21, 2003:

Okay, so we're a few days late. Master Maverick is housesitting currently, so she's been away from her computer. Excuses, excuses! Here's what you came to find out: Snippet 83 is up on Fiction Page 8. Part III of the Eli's Coming Arc. (If anyone gets the reference from a certain TV show, please let us know!)

July 13, 2003:

Hey all! So something rather significant happened in the last week...we hit the 50,000 hits mark! Thanks to some rather insistent characters, the story continues to grow, and thanks to all of you, readers who keep asking for more, the site has become something far more than we ever thought it would. To use the word thanks again would only indicate we're not using a thesaurus, so we'll just grin widely. :) Oh! And Snippet 82 is up on Fiction Page 8. Part II of the Eli's Coming Arc.

June 15, 2003:

Hey everyone! Ooo, look...we're early this month! Thought that might make a few of you happy. Anyway, Snippet 81 begins a new Arc, and a storyline that we've been wanting to do for quite some time. Just a warning...there's not much resolution to be had at the end of this snippet; it's going to be an interesting summer! Also, we started a new fiction page, Fiction Page 8, which is where you'll find Snippet 81. (Pg 7 was getting a little lengthy.)

May 26, 2003:

It's hard to believe, but we're actually on Snippet 80! Then again, this summer will mark the third anniversary of our site, so maybe 80 isn't so farfetched. Anyway, since today is a holiday, it seemed the perfect day to post (also, Master Maverick finished the snippet last night!). Enjoy!

April 20, 2003:

The weather's warming up, the trees are blooming, there's chocolate candy everywhere...it must be Easter! In the true spirit of celebrating new life, bunnies, and also Jedi, we figured a new snippet was in order. Snippet 79 is now up and unlike all the spring flowers, won't make you sneeze.

March 22, 2003:

Oh yeah, baby! We are on a ROLL. As if the fact that Snippet 78 is now posted isn't enough, Snippet 78 is freaky long as well...something to the tune of 13 single-spaced pages! Anyway, we hope that you all enjoy. BTW, thanks for the kind emails and guestbook entries. We're so grateful to our readership. You rock!

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