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Welcome to my new page. The more i learn about our beloved pets I decided i
need a better page that shows how special they really are. This page is
dedicated to my present and past beloved scotties.Elliott was my new additon
to our family in March of 2001,  Elliott 1,delilah,suzie, that passed to the
rainbow bridge in January of 1992, Due to a tragic housefire,
    I got delilah ,suzie from a puppy mill in Arkansas  they were no longier
a use to him, they were getting to old,They were 4 and 5 years old at the
time. I just hope i improved there life the 9 months that they lived with
me.I bought Elliott 1 from a respectable breeder from missouri  when i
worked for our local vet as his assistant and she was client of his. Along
time had passed in between my decision to get another scottie I didn't think
I could enjoy another after my  firsts thinking it was my fault of what had
happened to them and i wasn't able to save them..
    But now i'm so glad that i did he brings me such great joy. I hope to
have alot more happy years and memories with him
    I've even decided to get acouple more weither it be from a scottie
rescue,or another respectable breeder, I figure i have enough love in my
heart to go around .
    I try to keep up with my local rescues . And some of the horrible things
that are done to not only scotties but to many other dogs for the sake of
the mighty dollar is unbelieveable at times!!
    If you think you might want a scottie or another fantastic breed  Please
do your homework and find out as much as you can about the breed you are
interested in. There is alot of things you must take into
consideration,size,if they like children,if they are a out side pet,the
common diseases that might be assoicated with the breed,A good place to
start is the AKC the american kennel club,they have information on any breed
you might be looking for as well as respectable breeders and recues agencies
in your area . You can find them in my favorite links,
    Please don't go to your favorite pet store in hopes of finding the
perfect little bundle of joy, I realize it is quick and easy and not much
trouble, But there you don't know what your buying . Oh sure they give you
the good old line  they come from a good breeder they are healthy , why else
would I have them in my pet store i buy only Quality! If fact they buy
sight unseen they don't even know where they come from and there is alot of
diseases that pups pick up just in transporting of these animals , And alot
of these pets go thru hell just to get the prt store. They live in there own
filth  as well as everyone else in the cages with them,Would you rather go
out and pick up a puppy  the quick way and pay for it later by the vet bills
that is even if the vet can even help They aren't miracle workers.  Or have
a member of the family that you will enjoy for years and years to come.
Remember i've been there and done that..
Wee Scotties,And Friends
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