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My SCA page - Drake Marshall

Greetings, and Well Met!

Welcome to the SCA page of Lord Drake Marshall

I found out about SCA when I was 9 or 10, and since I have been fascinated with knights and swords and castles and just about anything Medieval ever since I can remember, I had to join! I was granted my AoA (Award of Arms) in AS XXXVIII (2003), by our Graces, King Pieter, Rex, and Queen Nan Astrid, Regina.

I am located in the Oaken Region of the Midrealm and participate in events with Dragonsmark and Val d'Azure. My main interests are heavy weapons, equestrian, blacksmithing, and mead-making.

Here is the beautiful saddle that THL Elizabeth Curry (in the Kingdom of Meridies) made for me. It is very comfortable and fits Dennis (the black horse) perfectly. I'll get around to getting some pics of me in my garb using the saddle eventually.

Links to Medieval, SCA and Historical Information Sites

* Read about William Marshall, Earl of Pembroke the most famous knight in history!

Society for Creative Anachronism Here is where you find what it is all about.
Middle Kingdom Equestrian College SCA equestrians activities in the Middle Kingdom.
Eldormerian Equestrian College
Kassai Horse BowsReally Cool Bows for Mounted Archery - lots of pictures.
Castles in Wales - really cool - tons of information here!

The 100 Point Draconity Corruption Test

Here are a few stories I wrote when I was 11 or 12.

The Storey of Drake Marshall

The biography of my sca persona.

Drake's Welsh Cob Horses

A story about the family business!

The Exploits of Drake Marshall

Stories I made up about my persona
1) The Mystery of the Missing Food
more to follow!

DID YOU KNOW that Medieval Warhorses were NOT the huge, monster size things most people today think they were?!?! Most horses in Medieval times were pretty little. Usally pony sized, for the most part; and even the war horses were probably seldom more than 15 or so hands high. They were massive in MUSCLE and BONE not HEIGHT! In other words, they mostly looked a lot like my Welsh Cobs. To learn more about what Medieval horses were really like, please visit my Barnes and Noble bookstore to see my selection of recommend books on Horses.

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