For MLP Customs, cost depends on complexity.

The base price is $25 that includes rehairing, symbol and eye repaint.

For solid full body repaints add $5.

Fairies: The base price is $30 wich includes rehairing, symbol, eye repaint, wings. Could be higher due to complexity.

Mermaids: The base price is $50. Includes Mane rehairing, apoxie sculpt tail, eye repaint. For extra details ask for prices ^^

Sculpted Symbols: The starting price is $35. This varies with complexity too, if you need a MGR style of pony, the cost will be a little higher.

Boy Ponies (furry feet): The base price is $50. If you want extra details like wings and/or horns, please ask for accurate price.

Realistic looking ponies: The base price is $100 (earth, unicorn, furry feet). This kind of ponies take weeks to finish and lots of hours for achieving the right look on their skin =( The rehairing process is more difficult than with normal hair. Extra details like sculpted wings or sculpted hair make the price go a little higher.

Soccer Ponies/ Celebrity looking ponies: The base price is $100 and depends on the complexity of the celebrity wardrobe you want to get in your pony.
I can only accept PAYPAL at the moment, I live in Mexico, so an international money order will be more expensive.
If you're interested in a Commissioned Custom, please, send an email to:

diana_arcuri at
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