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Meanwhile, I would love to hear from anyone with information on the ancestry of the following pink people:
From my husband's father's tree:
John Claypoole, who was Elizabeth Griscom's (Betsy Ross) 3rd husband. John and Betsy's daughter was Clarissa Sidney Claypoole (b. 3 Apr 1785), who married Jacob Wilson (b. Baltimore, MD). They had a daughter named Clarissa Sidney Wilson (b. 9 Aug 1809), and she married James Hanna (b. 2 Feb 1806, Philadelphia, PA). James was a former Pennsylvania State Senator, and his parents came from County Down, Ireland. Their names were John Hanna and Elizabeth Patterson. I would really like to find out more about them.

James relocated to California, first San Francisco in 1850, then Eureka in 1854. Their children were John (m. Sally Bumm), Elizabeth P. (m. Captain Harry Kingston), Aquilla W. (m. Hattie Houghton), Alice Mary (m. Charles H. Liscom), James C. (m. Sarah Catherine Lothian), William Patterson (never married), Florence (m. William P. Huestis), Clarissa Sidney (m. Louis Kayser Wood), and Ella Sophia (m. Captain William Hale Fauntleroy) James C. Hanna and Sarah Catherine Lothian had 3 children: Olive E. (who never married), Catherine Louise (who married Otto John Rudloff and moved to Oregon), and Clarissa Sidney Hanna. Clarissa married Louis Pierre Dorais (of Huntingdon County, Quebec) on 6 Mar 1906 in Eureka, Humboldt, California. After James Hanna died, Catherine Lothian married Jasper Davies, and they had 3 children: Alexander, Wesley Lothian, and Annette (Boyer). Somewhere back there is a man named Charles Emile "Gus" Dorais, who was famous for catching football's very first forward pass (or throwing it??), thrown by Knute Rockne at Notre Dame, but no one is quite sure how he is related.

I have recently discovered the names of Louis P. Dorais' parents and grandparents. I know nothing more than names and marriage dates:

Leon Dorais/Doré married Virginie Brossard on 17 Nov 1863 in St. Chrysostome, Chateauguay, Quebec. Leon was the son of Louis Dorais and Desanges Heroux. Virginie was the daughter of Geoffroy Brossard/Brassard and Benonise Lanctot. Leon and Virginie's children: Louis Pierre, Cecilia (she was a nun), John B. (m. Delia Lacasse), Leo, and Pomela (m. Dennis Aumond)

From my husband's mother's tree:

Richard Fewer and Catherine Phelan, who lived on a poor farm in Kilkenny, and had 13 children. One child, Edward Patrick Fewer (born in either County Kilkenny or Cork, Ireland, d. 1 Feb 1947 in San Francisco, CA) married May Anne Devine (born August 13, 1882 in County Kerry, Ireland; d. 1 Mar 1984 in San Francisco or Santa Clara, CA), who came to the east coast (Ellis Island?) around 1900, and to San Francisco (May arrived in SF in 1902, I believe) and married there 7 Nov 1907. I have names for 5 of Edward's siblings, who came to the US: Tom, Bridget "Kitty" (Kelly), Margaret (Seery), Ella (Murphy), and Walter, (d. bef 1947). We'd like to find May's family too. Her parents were Bernard (or possibly Brian) Devine (or Devane) and Catherine Savage. May's siblings were: Patrick, John, Dennis, Catherine (Sullivan) who settled in CT, Mary, who died as an infant or child, and Hannah, who remained in Tyloch, Ireland.

From my father's mother's tree:

Mary Ann Jackson (who was a cousin of President Jackson) and William Wilkins Morris, whose daughter Sarah Elizabeth (b. 20 Mar 1840 in Cole Co., IL, d. 17 Nov 1915 in Caldwell, Canyon, ID) married James Joseph Buffington (b. 30 Jan 1832 in IN, d. 19 Dec 1902 in Caldwell, Canyon, ID) in Appanoose, Iowa on 1 Jun 1859.

Eliza Ann Baker (born February 16, 1842 in Ohio), married Martin Pruett (born August 18, 1838 in Jackson, Parke, Indiana) on 19 Aug 1862 in Tipton, Iowa. There children: Allison, Emma, Martin, Bartin Joseph, Phoebe Ellen, Charles, George Raymond, Lizzie, John, Minnie, Effie Viola, Maggie M., Mary Ann, Paris.

Serena Branson (born April 22, 1816 in Tazewell, Claiborne, Tennessee), who was married to John Pruett (born 1815 in Grainger, Tennessee).

Rebecca Branson, who was married to Abraham Pruett (b. 1774, Pittsylvania, VA)

The wives of Richard Prewitt (born 1748 in Virginia), and David Prewitt (born 1726 in Henrico, Virginia).

Francess Murrell, who was married to Richard Prewitt (born 1698 in Henrico, Virginia).

James Dabbs, father of Rebecca Dabbs who was married to Henry Prewitt (born 1654 in York, Virginia). I'd like to find out who Rebecca's mother was, too.

Thomas Prewitt (born 1616 in Wiltshire, England).

Jeremiah Buffington (b. abt 1780) and Stella Cooper, whose son Derias (b. abt 1810 in OH) married Mary Ann Countz

From my mother's mother's tree:

Nancy Howard (b. abt 1831 in NC), from 'the Howard's of VA' --whoever they might be. ;-) ), married to Preston Hopkins, since her daughter Sara Frances "Fannie" Hopkins (b. abt 1855 in either TN or GA) was Maude's mother. Fannie married Alonzo Virgil Bramblett (b. Apr 1860 in St. Clair Co., AL) in Conway Co., AR.

Tilithia/Telitha McIntire (b. abt 1832 in GA) married Henry Newman Bramblett (b. Jul 1823 in GA). They were Alonzo's parents.

Henry Newman Bramblett's parents were James Bramlett (b. abt 1781 in SC) and Jane.

James Bramlett's parents were Enoch Bramlett, Sr. (b. 1754, William Co., VA?) and possibly Martha Watkins.

Elizabet Gist (the last name is questionable), who was married to William Bramlett (b. abt 1732 in VA).

William Bramblett (b. abt 1684, possibly in England?) and his son Henry (b. abt 1710 in VA).

Elizabet Gist (the last name is questionable), who was married to William Bramlett (b. abt 1732 in VA).

From my father's father's tree:

Clement Weaver (b: abt. 1590, in England, d. 1683), married to Rebecca Holbrooke (b: abt. 1597). Their son Clement married Mary Freeborn, daughter of William Freeborn (b. abt. 1594 in Essex, England; d. April 20, 1670 in Portsmouth, Newport, RI) and Mary Wilson (b. 1601 in Essex, England; d. May 3, 1670 in Portsmouth, Newport, RI). William Freeborn's father was Alexander Freeborn (d. 1651)

Robert Griffin (b: abt. 1613 in Newport, RI), and his Son Benjamin (b. abt. 1639), who married Sarah George (b. abt. 1643). Their daughters: Sarah, and Mary (b. 1663) who married Henry Sweet (b. 1662).

Samuel Fox (b: abt. 1583 in England), and his son Thomas (b. 1609-19?, in Concord, Middlesex, MA, d. 1658), who was married to Hannah Brooks (b. 1626 of MA, d. 1658). Their kids: Hannah, Thomas, Samuel (m. Mary Lester), Mary, John, David, Isaac. He may also have been married to Rebecca Wheate and/or Rebecca French.

Samuel Griffin (b: abt. 1702 in Killingworth, New London, CT), who married someone named Mary about 1727. Their children: Mary, Thankful, James, Jerusha, Samuel (married Mercy Bailey), Jeremiah.

Thomas French (b: 1584 in England/d: 1639 in Ipswich, Essex, MA) who lived in Suffolk, England til about 1624. He married Susan Riddlesdale in 1608. Their children: Thomas, Alice, Dorcas, Susan, Ann, Margaret, John (m. Freedom Kingsley), Mary.

JohnWilcoxson (b: 1596 in St. Albans, Hertfordshire, England), who married Joanne Grundick in 1617. Their son William married Margaret Birdseye (b. 1611-2 in Eng.) in Stratford, CT in 1632.

Henry Brooks (b: 1591-2 in Suffolk, England/d: 1683 in Middlesex, MA), who came to MA before 1621, when he married Grace Wheeler. He later married Susannah Bradford in 1651, and Hannah Jordan in 1682. 16 (!) kids by Grace: Gilbert, William, John, Hannah (m. Thomas Fox in 1647-8), Mary, Gersham, Sarah, Caleb, Timothy, Martha, Thomas, Joshua, Hugh, Samuel, Joseph, Isaac..

John Bailey (b: 1590 in Chippenham, Wiltshire, England/d: 1651 in Coffin, MA), who came to MA sometime after 1617. He married Eleanor Knight in 1612 in Chippenham) His mother was Elizabeth (b. abt. 1560), and he may have been married before to Elizabeth Emery (m. 1611), or perhaps she is the mother of his son John's wife-my records are unclear. His children (w/Eleanor): Robert, John (married Eleanor Emery, b. 1624, in 1640 in Chippenham), Joanna (? 2 more).

Thomas Carr (b: abt. 1536 in London, England), who married about 1541, but I don't have a name for his wife. His son, William (b. 1542 in London) had 4 kids: Benjamin, William, George (b. 1599, married Elizabeth Oliver of Bristol, Gloucester, Eng. in 1682), James.

Robert Sweet (b: 1552 in Hackney, London, England/ died in Essex, England), married in 1578 to Joanna Rainham (from Raines, Essex.). Son John (b. 1579 in England, d.1637-8 in Newport, RI) m. Mary Periam (b. 1844 in London). Their kids: John, James, Thomas, Meribah, Renewed.

Francis Jordan (b: 1610 in Ipswich, Essex, MA/d: 1678), who married in 1635 to Jane Wilson. Their children: James, Sarah (b. 1636 married James George), Hannah, Mary (died as infant), Mary, Lydia, Deborah.

Lawrence Cheney (b: abt. 1566 in Lambourn, Berkshire, England/d: 1643 in Roxbury, MA),married to Julian Waldron in 1588-9. Their children were Susannah, Dorothy, John, Elizabeth, Lawrence, William (m. Margaret Cule of Roxbury, MA, in 1625-6), Mary, Edward, Thomas.

John Griffin (b: abt. 1583 in Wales), married Ann Langford (born abt. 1587). Son John (b. 1608-9 in Wales, d. 1681 in Simsbury, Hartford, CT) married Anna Bancroft (b. 1627 in Swarkston, Derbyshire, England) in 1647 in Simsbury, Hartford, CT.

John Case, married Sue Rodich. Son John Case (b. 26 Jul 1616 in Aylesham, England, d.1704 in Windsor, Hartford, CT), married to Sarah Spencer of CT on 17 Aug 1656. He may have later married Elizabeth Moore.

John Bancroft (b. abt 1596 in Swarkston, Derbyshire, England) married Jane abt 1620 in Swarkston, England. Their children: John, Thomas Anna, Samuel and William. We would love to discover what Jane's last name was.

From my mother's father's tree:

Thomas Rogers (b. TN) married Susanna Jennings. Their son Andrew Jackson Rogers (b. 22 Jan 1815, TN; d. 3 Mar 1894, MO) married Elizabeth Daniels (b. 17 Apr 1831, Shelby Co., IL; d. 12 Feb 1906, Belmont, Pottowatomie, OK) on 6 Aug 1850 in Shelby Co., IL). Elizabeth's parents were Jonas Daniel (b. 1804, NC) and Mary Rice (b. 1808).

David Leonard married Mary Sanders. Their son George Redmon Leonard (b. abt 1830/32 in AL, may have died in Chatanooga, TN) married Nancy Plumlee/Plumley (b. either the 10th or 18th of Nov 1829 in White Co., TN; d. 1 Mar 1917, Purdy Co., MO) on 3 Jan 1852/53 in Stone Co., MO. Nancy later married Isaac Newton Elliott Johnson.

James Simmons married Stacey Roberts. Their daughter Rachel Simmons (b. Feb 1802, SC; d. abt Feb 1888 in Carroll Co., AR) married Joel Plumlee, Sr. (b. 1797, White Co., TN; d. Feb 1863, Stone Co., MO) in 1823, White Co., TN.

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