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Game Date Summary
3 Flamerule 1372 DR The Adventure Begins - Game 1 - TBD
The heroes relaxed in the Coronet and Cabbage Inn, a commotion rose from the back room. The innkeeper, a woman dressed in uniform of a town guard, and a prosperous-looking dwarf strider through the doorway and into the common room. Unswervingly, the innkeeper walked up to the table of our heroes....
1 Flamerule 1372 DR Prologue - Before Game 1 - 1/1/08
A family of mourners ventured up into the graveyard and didn't return. A pair of sentinels investigated, but these guards vanished as well. The townfolk are in a panic. They've always heard rumors of disturbances in graveyards and tombs, but never has much misfortune struck in their town. They look to our heroes for aid.

Not only is Ian Turbrand the innkeeper of the Coronet and Cabbage Inn, but he is also a councilor in the town and the richest person in it. he has a vested interest in solving Kingsholm's problem.

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