BB = Bob's Best

I Was So Much Younger Then Volumes 1 & 2 (4cd)  BB
The Minnesota Tapes (3cd)
Banjo Tape & NYC Town Hall (1cd)
Dylan's Roots (1cd)  BB
In Concert (1cd)  BB
Finjan Club (1cd)  BB
Folk Rogue (1cd)
Dr. Zimmerman's Original Old-Time Hootenanny (1cd)
Broadside (1cd)
The Emmett Grogan Acetates & Other Rarities (1cd)
All Hallows Eve & More (2cd)  BB
As Good As It Gets (2cd)
Don't Look Back Soundtrack & Newport '65 (1cd)
Back In Hollywood Bowl, 1965 (1cd)
Acoustic Troubadour (1cd)
1965 Revisited (14cd)
At the Beeb (1cd)  BB
Live In Newport, 1965 (1cd)
Highway 61 Revisited Again (1cd)
Now's The Time For Your Tears (1cd)  BB
Renaldo & Clara (1cd)
Freewheelin' Bob Dylan Outtakes (1cd)  BB
Gaslight Tapes 1962 - aka, Remastered Gaselight Tapes (1cd)  BB
Dimestore Medicine (2cd)
Play Fucking Loud (1cd)
Lonesome Sparrow Sings (2cd)
The Circus is in Town (1cd)
Pill Box (2cd)
Paranoid Blues (1cd)
7 Years of Bad Luck (1cd)
Tales of a Mexican Painter (2cd)
We Had Known A Lion (2cd)
Witmark Years (2cd)
Tree With Roots (4cd)  BB
Down in the Basement (1cd)
Isle of Wight Festival '69 (1cd)
In The Pines (1cd)
From Newport to the Ancient Empty Streets in LA (2cd)  BB
Folksinger's Choice (includes radio conversations) (1cd)  BB
Melbourne '66 (1cd)
Guitars Kissing & The Contemporary Fix (2cd)  BB
Genuine Live 1966 (8cd)  BB
Studs Terkel's Wax Museum (1cd)  BB
Week in the Life (1cd)
Spider's Web (1cd)
Thin Wild Mercury Music (1cd)  BB
The Dylan/Cash Sessions (1cd)  BB
Yesterday (1cd)


Possum Belly Overalls (1cd)
Almost Went to See Elvis (1cd)
Peco's Blues (1cd)
Final Theme (2cd, 1 music, 1 cd-rom)
Darkness at the Break of Noon (1cd)  BB
Plymouth Rock (1cd)  BB
Dylan (rare official UK release never released in the US) (1cd)
1974 Anthology, (dylantree recording) (3cd)
Get Ready! Tonight Bob's Staying Here With You (2cd)
Cowboy Angel Blues (2cd)  BB
Hold the Fort (for what it's worth) (2cd)  BB
A Dark Night On Spanish Stairs (2cd)
The Day Before the Hurricane (1cd)
Phantoms of My Youth (3cd)
Knight of the Hurricane (2cd)  BB
Ballad of a Blue Poet (1cd)
Blood and Thunder (1cd)
Paint the Daytime Black (2cd)  BB
Tell it Like it is (1cd)
Going, Going Guam (4cd)  BB
Satisfied Man (1cd)  BB
Days Before Hard Rain (1cd)
Highway 49 Revisited (1cd)
Rolling Thunder Review, 5-03-76 (2cd)
Nuremberg 1978 (2cd)
Rundown Rehearsal Tapes (4cd)
I Was Young When I Left Home (2cd)
Stop Crying (1cd)  BB
Live at the Pitstop '78 (2cd)
Okay, I Still Get Stoned (1cd)
My Back Pages (2cd)
Moving Violation (1cd)
Hush, Hush Sweet Charlotte (2cd)  BB
Border Beneath The Sun (2cd)  BB
Flagging Down The Double E's (2cd)
Bob Dylan for Bangla Desh, 8-01-71 (1cd)
11-20-75, Cambridge, MA. (2cd)
12-04-75, Montreal, Quebec (2cd)
Love Songs for America (2cd)
Blood on the Tapes (1cd)
Blood on the Tracks, NY session (1cd)
Contact With The Lord, Volume 1 (1cd)  BB
Contact With The Lord, Volume 2 (1cd)  BB


Born Again Music (2cd)  BB
Between Saved and Shot (1cd)
Avignon (2cd)  BB
Bird's Nest In Your Hair (2cd)
You Can't Kill An Idea, Volume 1 (1cd)
You Can't Kill An Idea, Volume 2 (1cd)
Duelling Banjos (1cd)
Precious Memories (1cd)
The French Girl (3cd)
Barcelona, Spain, 6-28-84 (2cd)
Ballad of Bob & Jerry (1cd)
True Confessions For Carol (2cd)  BB
Rise Again (2cd)
San Francisco Bay Blues (2cd)
Deeds of Mercy (1cd)  BB
Tempest Storm (1cd)
Rough Cuts (2cd)  BB
Live at Jones Beach Theatre, 1988 (2cd)  BB
Stuck Inside Of New York (2cd)  BB
Final Night & More (2cd)  BB
Wanted Man (1cd)
Driftin' too far from Shore (1cd)


Toad's Place, Volume 1-2 (4cd)
Madison '91 (1cd)
Wolftrap (1991) (1cd)
Afternoon Acoustic (1cd)
Complete Supper Club, Volume 1 (upgrade) (1cd)
Complete Supper Club, Volume 2 (upgrade) (1cd)
Complete Supper Club, Volume 3 (upgrade) (1cd)
Complete Supper Club, Volume 4 (upgrade) (1cd)
2-13-93, Hammersmith Apollo, London, England (2cd)
1995 European Tour (5cd)
Fuck The Play List ! (2cd)
6-29-05, Slugger Field, Louisville, KY. (2cd)
Blue-Eyed Boston Boy (2cd)  BB
Paradise, Hawaiian Style (2cd)  BB
San Jose Revisited (1cd)
Completely Unplugged (2cd)  BB
All Along The Roseland (2cd)
Always on my Mind, Volume 1 (2cd)
The Man, The Master (2cd)
Guided By The Eternal Light (2cd)  BB
Soul (2cd)  BB
The Pedlar Now Speaks (2cd)  BB
Woodstock Revisited (1cd)
Bathed in a Stream of Pure Heat (2cd)  BB
Native Land (2cd)
Highlands of Worcester (1cd)
One Hand Waving Free, 4-02-95 (2cd)
Weekend at Wolftrap (3cd)
Midas Touch (2cd)
In Christiania (4cd)
Watching The River Flow (1cd)
Loving of Liverpool (2cd)  BB
Tonight I'll Be Playing Here For You (2cd)  BB
You Ain't Going Nowhere, 11-14-97 (2cd)
Don't Be Late (2cd)
Inside the Rain (1cd)  BB
Great Woods (2cd)  BB
Voices in the Garden (1cd)
2-01-98, Newark, NJ. (2cd)
At The Globe Arena (3cd)  BB
Time And Time Again (2cd)
A Knife, A Fork, A Bottle & A Cork (2cd)
Eating Caviar in a King-Sized Bed (2cd)  BB
Lonely Graveyard of my Mind (2cd)


Violence of a Summer's Dream (2cd)
Somebody Touched Me (2cd)
7-28-00, Camden, NJ.  (2cd)
Dublin Vicar Street, 9-13-00 (2cd)
Dublin at the Point, 9-14-00 (2cd)
True Love Needs No Company (2cd)  BB
Love & Theft Live (1cd)
Things Have Changed, Ashville, NC. 5-01-01 (2cd)
Ballina, Austrailia, 3-31-01 (2cd)
Bergen 2001 (2cd)
Stirling 2001 (2cd)
Corvallis, OR. 10-07-01 (2cd)
San Diego, CA. 10-17-01 (2cd)
Denver, CO. 10-21-01 (2cd)
Sioux City, 10-23-01 (2cd)
Cincinnatti, OH. 11-04-01 (2cd)
Columbus, OH. 11-10-01 (2cd)
Madison Square Garden, 11-19-01 (2cd)
Winston-Salem, NC. 2-08-02 (2cd)
Greenville, SC. 2-13-02 (2cd)
Newport 2002 (2cd)
Red Bluff, CA. 10-07-02 (2cd)
Louisville, KY. 4-30-03 (2cd)
7-10-04, Castilla Montril, Spain (2cd)


For Sale Of Just On The Shelf (6cd)
You Don't Know Me (4cd)
Odds & Ends (1cd)
TV Guide (2cd)
If Not For You (2cd)
Genuine Bootleg Series (3cd)
Genuine Bootleg Series 2 (3cd)
Genuine Bootleg Series 3 The Third One Now (3cd)
One Timers (2cd)
Alias - The Sideman Story, Volume 1 (1cd)
Alias - The Sideman Story, Volume 2 (1cd)
Alias - The Sideman Story, Volume 3 (1cd)
Alias - The Sideman Story, Volume 4 (1cd)
Alias - The Sideman Story, Volume 5 (1cd)
Hard To Find, Volume 1 (1cd)
Hard To Find, Volume 2 (1cd)
Hard To Find, Volume 3 (1cd)
Hard To Find, Volume 4 (1cd)
Hard To Find, Volume 7 (1cd)
Acetates on the Tracks, Volume 3 (1cd)
Acetates on the Tracks, Volume 4 (1cd)
From the Vaults, Volume 1 (2cd)
From the Vaults, Volume 2 (2cd)
Les Bons Moments (1cd)
Genuine NET Covers (9cd)
Never Ending Tour Rehearsals (2cd)
Ace Of Clubs, Volume 1-3 (5cd)

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