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Well, everyone. I have neglected this wonderful page for too long, however I have continued to add to my collection of pictures. I may, if i have time, redo the entire page and the way I have my pictures up. I will also be adding a new page devoted to Monty Python, my new favorite thing in the world, and add the hundreds of pictures which I have collected of them. So, if you are a Monty Python fan, I encourage you to look back in the next few months and see the great pictures I'll be adding! I may soon change the title of the page as well! Thanks to all the people who continue to visit!!
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QUOTE OF THE DAY December 11
"When I was about twelve, I used to think I must be a genius, but nobody's noticed....If there is such a thing as a genius... I am one, and if there isn't, I don't care."
--John Lennon
December 11,
1963 The Beatles go by train to Liverpool. Appearance on BBC TV's `Juke Box Jury', at the Moss Empire, Liverpool. Photographer Dezo Hoffmann present.
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