Everything I Need To Know In Life I Learned From Kevin Sharp

*Our chance is here and right now * Love is an adventure * There comes a time in a young person's life when they feel the need to roam. * It's lendin' a hand and takin' a stand, thats the measure of a man * It took a while to see, all that (s)he has to be, someone who faithfully just stays in love with me * We can't change whats done is done * Love has awesome power siting over us * All that's gone before ain't what we're about-- it's here and right now * There ain't no limits to the things you do if you love somebody * How many moments come along that change your whole world? * The scars of love have been known to take some time to heal * Hope is enough * In every life one perfect love comes our way * How many times does a dream come true, come into your life? * Those three words can set off a chain reaction * If we're talking about quitting then we are forgetting what it is that we are really fighting for * Our future isn't a paint by number picture; it's an original * Love is so easy to feel, but the hardest words to say *

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