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Kevin Sharp is one of country music's hottest new artists. His music is touching souls around the world. While his voice is rich and pure, and a joy to listen to, it may be the emotion that Kevin puts into each song and the powerful lyrics to his songs that really touch so many. A rare sense of genuine care for others and gratitude for those in his life (including his fans) seem to bring people to not only enjoy Kevin's music, but also respect the man that he is.
Kevin Sharp At Just twenty-eight years of age (Birthdate December 10, 1970) Kevin has experienced more than most of us (hopefully) will in a lifetime. After a bout with a rare form of bone cancer, which he was not expected to survive, it is no doubt that his mixture of life and death experiences has given him such insight into the human soul, which he is able to bring out in each song that he sings.
"Sometimes it hits me that I'm doing what I love and it's like a dream come true," Kevin says. Love is one thing that seems to unify almost all of Kevin's songs. Not sappy love songs, or depressing love songs, but real love songs, songs that mean something to everyone. Of course not all of Kevin's songs deal with this powerful emotion, but many do. The reason that Kevin seems to focus on this topic can best be said in his own words, "Love is so many different things to all of us," Kevin says. "Throughout my life I've learned the importance of loving and being loved. Whether it be love gained or love lost, the experience is incredible. A big part of what I hope to do through my music and this album ["Love Is"] is to show the importance of loving one another, because truly LOVE IS all that really matters."
Kevin has released two CD's since getting his record deal with "Assylum Records." His first album is called "Measure Of A Man" and his newest release titled, "Love Is". To order either of these CD's or other Kevin Sharp Merchandise click here.

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