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Welcome to my webpage. This Season: Take a bunch of NEW blowmolds, 5 NEW Inflatables, over 6,000 more lights and what do you get? The biggest display this town has ever seen! Pictures will be on this site so people around the world can see this Huge Dipslay. In the time untill then, check out last years display pictures and see the display that I have to work with. Place your mouse ontop of the picture and see text about the photo. It is now the off season and nothing will be displayed until Halloween. Please sign my guestbook. If you find a dead link, please E-Mail Me!

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Halloween 2007

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This page has the links to all my displays and No longer Displayed page New for 2006
These pages were made just for kids. There is stuff to color, mazes and tic-tac-toe Blowmold Pages
This page has the links to Stuff for sale, Mailing list, FAQ's, & Updates
This page has items I would like to get for the 2006 displays

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