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The girl pictured on the left is my muse for my production company. I can be contacted by e-mail at I'm a community access producer. My past community access productions include sci-fi, live entertainment television shows, political television shows and PSA's. I'm willing to be of assistance to new community access producers. I am also experienced at directing, audio, camera, graphics and editing if another producer is looking for crew. I also have experience in live television and call in talk shows.I've just completed writing and rewriting my fifth full length feature screenplay titled STARGAZERS. I am attempting to sell it or in the alternative to get funding to produce it myself. I'm willing to deal with which ever comes first. I've worked in master control in commercial television.

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I write screenplays!

I don't know why. I've written screenplays for short films that I've produced. It's a lot of fun. I've written, directed and cast for live stage. I also enjoy writing poetry and I have placed in the money in poetry contests including a first place win. I recently completed a full length feature screenplay which has already been rewritten and edited several times. I'm currently seeking representation and/or buyers for three full length feature screenplays.

Screenplay I XXX Screenplay IIXXX Screenplay III

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