Cheyenne spiritual songs

Cheyennes have a rich heritage of music, which can be heard at powwows or other celebrations, funerals, and in Cheyenne churches. Ma'heo'o has given many beautiful songs to Cheyenne Christians. They are found in the church songbook, Tsese-Ma'heone-Nemeotôtse (Cheyenne Spiritual Songs), which is listed in my (Wayne Leman's) bibliography at this Web site.

I have enjoyed programming music for computers with the shareware program Pianoman (an MS-DOS program which would now be considered rather primitive compared to music programs available today). One of my collections is of Cheyenne spiritual songs from the Cheyenne songbook. To download this collection, click on this link, Cheyenne spiritual songs (39K in size).

Save the Zipped file to a subdirectory on your computer. To "unzip" the collection you will need to use one of the commonly available utilities, such as PKUnzip, Norton Unzip, or Winzip.

To begin hearing the Cheyenne music, while reading the Cheyenne words and English translations on your screen, click on the Batch file, Cheyenne.BAT in your Cheyenne music subdirectory. You should then hear the music through the main speaker of your computer. On computers with Windows platforms, you will probably want to enable full-screen viewing of the words for each Cheyenne song. Check your Windows Help files or manual if you are not sure how to display MS-DOS programs full-screen. The music files in this collection will work on any computer which can run MS-DOS programs, including IBM-compatible computers running Windows 3.1 or Windows 95. You can terminate the playing of a song by hitting your Escape key. You can also play single songs by clicking on the filenames of their individual Batch files. A very short documentation file for this music collection is the file CHEYENNE.DOC, found in the Zipped collection. If you wish to hear Singable English versions of the Cheyenne songs, click on the Batch file English.BAT.

There is no charge for you to use any of these music files. The songs themselves, as transcribed in the church songbook, however, are copyrighted, so please do not publish any of the songs without permission from the Cheyenne copyright holders, listed on the copyright page of the hymnbook.

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