Montana Indian reservations

Northern Cheyenne Indian Reservation

We hope to post a map of the Northern Cheyenne Indian Reservation here before too long, with the Cheyenne names of towns and other places. Until then, here are some of the most important Cheyenne placenames:

Busby, Vohpoometaneno (literally, White River-place)
Muddy Creek District, Heovonêheo'he'e (lit., yellow-paint-creek)
Lame Deer, Meave'ho'eno (lit., giving-whiteman-place, that is, the Agency)
Lame Deer, Mo'ôhtavôheomeneno (lit., black-lodge-place)
Crazyhead Springs, Heme'konôhmâsêhaneeveno
Ashland, Totoemanâheno
Rabbit Town, Vohkoohemâhoeve'ho'eno
Birney, Oevemanâheno (lit., scabby-place)
He'ameo'he'e, Kirby area (lit., up the creek)

Other nearby places

Hardin, He'konemâhoeve'ho'eno (loan translation, lit., hard-town)
Billings, E'êxovahtova (lit., at the sawing place; named because of a sawmill previously there)
Colstrip, Ho'oseo'he'e (lit., coal-creek)
Forsythe, Tšêške'mâhoeve'ho'eno (lit., small-town) Broadus, Paeo'he'e (lit., powder-river)
Sheridan, Ho'xo'mâhoeve'ho'eno, (lit. against(the mountains)-town)
Crow Agency, Ooetaneno (lit., crow-people-place)
Lodgegrass, E'komo'eo'he'e (lit., greasy-creek)
Pryor, Maaheo'he'e (lit., arrow-creek)
Wyola, Tsehmamôhevo'ta (lit. where (the mountains) come together)

Some Oklahoma places

Oklahoma, Heevâhetaneno (lit., rope(robe?)-people-place)
Oklahoma City, Ma'xepono'e (lit., big-downriver)
Kingfisher, Noma'heo'he'e (lit., fish-creek)
Watonga, Tsehma'êho'a'e'ta (lit., where there are red (hills) facing together) and Oevemanâheno (lit., scabby-place)
Clinton, Tsexhotôxaha (lit., crossing; named for the railroad crossing there)
El Reno, Pono'e (lit., downriver)

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