Let's Talk Cheyenne: An Audio Cassette Course

This beginning Cheyenne language learning course is available for purchase from Audio-Forum. You can contact them at their tollfree order line, 1-800-243-1234. The course has been available sometimes from Barnes & Noble, amazon.com, and other outlets in a two cassette album with accompanying booklet which has the entire contents of the tapes.

What we can do here for an unlimited number of people is make available here the entire contents of the course booklet, here in compressed (Zipped) format.

The booklet starts by introducing you to the Cheyenne alphabet and how to pronounce its sounds. It then leads you through learning useful Cheyenne phrases, Cheyenne questions and answers, aspects of the basic grammar of Cheyenne, including the Independent and Conjunct Orders, and ends with sample conversations in Cheyenne.

Click on the link when you are ready to download the file:

Let's Talk Cheyenne, Word for Windows 7.0 format (59K)

The entire contents of the booklet and the accompanying cassette tapes are Copyright 1990, all rights are reserved. The files are used here by permission. Please do not make copies of these files to print for distribution to others or for any commercial purposes. We are providing these files here for personal use only. Cheyennes may, as with all our language materials, copy these files for use in language teaching or similar programs, without asking for copyright permission.

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