Chief Dull Knife College bookstore Cheyenne books for sale

The Chief Dull Knife College bookstore stocks the following Cheyenne language books for walk-in sales:

Cheyenne Dictionary 2004 edition $32.40 each
Cheyenne Picture Dictionary 2004 $20.00 each
English-Cheyenne Student Dictionary 1999 edition $19.20 each
Cheyenne Topical Dictionary 1986 Revised Edition $20.00 each
Let's Talk Cheyenne: Audio Cassette Course of Instruction 1999 edition $20.00 each
Let's Listen To Cheyenne: CD with sound $6.00 each

Please do not ask the bookstore for any books which they do not stock.

Some of these books may be purchased at discount prices from the printer. For other distributors, click here. Also see the order form of all books available from the CCEP.

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