Cheyenne Dictionary

by Louise Fisher, Wayne Leman, Leroy Pine Sr., and Marie Sanchez

Copyright 2003-2006, Chief Dull Knife College, Lame Deer, Montana

An online version of this dictionary was posted to the Internet on August 27, 2006.

This new dictionary in book form as well as on a multimedia CD is available for purchase, as of August 15, 2004. Most recent print update: August 28, 2006. For information, click on the following button:

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(first CD release September 13, 2003;
latest CD update: August 28, 2006;
updated CDs are periodically released)

This new, large Cheyenne dictionary is available for purchase in book or CD format. There are 18,000 word entries and the number of entries is growing as further work is done on the dictionary. Book and CD multimedia versions of the dictionary are available from Click here or on the Lulu button above. All of the words, plus approximately 7,000 sound files of Cheyenne words you can listen to, are available on the multimedia CD format. This new dictionary has many more words than the 1976 Cheyenne Student Dictionary and the Cheyenne Topical Dictionary. Although this dictionary is work-in-progress and probably will be for a few more years, it is good usable quality on any of its releases.

If you are a Cheyenne, you can copy the dictionary CD from someone else who already has a copy. The entire dictionary with its installation program fits on a single burnable CD.

You can purchase the CD dictionary as part of the Let's Listen To Cheyenne CD which is sold by:

Chief Dull Knife College Bookstore
P.O. Box 98
Lame Deer, MT 59043 U.S.A.
phone (406) 477-6215

Be sure to specify that you are ordering the Let's Listen To Cheyenne CD.

For mail-order purchases from the college bookstore, please include an additional $3.00 for shipping and handling.

You can also order from:

P.O. Box 50
Busby, MT 59016
phone: 406-592-3643
For information, email: (Remove the # marks of the anti-spam format before emailing.)

The printed book version of the dictionary is available from CCEP, as well as from the printer

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