Welcome. This site owes its beginnings in part to the desire to write stories with the characters in the public domain from the golden-age of comics. As there were several sites reprinting such comics online, it became increasingly difficult to keep track, so for my own amusement, I started a list of heroes listing powers, when and where they first appeared etc., drawing from many sources both online and various books such as Steranko's 2 volume set and Jeff Rovin's Superhero encyclopedia. Wasn't long before I realized I had a resource far beyond anything elsewhere. I toyed with the idea of trying to learn how to do web pages. Then Jess Nevins launched his golden-age superheroes site. When he expressed no interest in doing a companion one with the villains, I decided to fill that void.

Since then, the site has expanded far beyond the original goal to concentrate on just the public domain characters. I expanded my scope to include both heroes and villains for MLJ (Archie) and Fawcett as I found excellent resources with comics from there. When the writer of TERRA OBSCURA was looking for a Princess Pantha story, I scanned and posted one here. Now there are two Pantha stories on site and a fledgeling attempt at giving a reprint home for one of my favorite characters, the Fighting Yank. Another friend was looking for a place to store some of his commissions of members of the Invaders trumping the JSA, so you'll see a few of those here.

As the site grew in scope, maintaining it also grew complicated. I'm hoping this new design will prove easier in the long run to highlight changes. One of the biggest changes is no longer will you have to go through the various pages to see the updates. Instead I will have one page listing new heroes and villain profiles. As time passes, they will be deleted from that spot and moved to the respective pages they permanently belong.

Read, and enjoy.

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For additions, corrections, questions, email me! cash_gorman@yahoo.com


amazing man biting a cobra


Profiles: The Coal People, Dr. Magno, Dr. Stepet, Dr. Toyat, the Elemental, 'Faces' Jeffre, the Power, Princess Istrid, Sir Morbid, Stone-Age Killer, Vulcan. Heavily modified Garlock, Doc Biggers info with correct data, including dropping the last name on the Villains pages

Golden-Age Heroes pages: Added Jack Rhodes, Sandy Thorne, Jay Douglas, Twist Turner, Voodini. Modified the Iron Skull, Prince Zardi, Amazing Man, a correction for Minimidget.

specter villain


Profiles: Fang, Minstrel, The Skeleton Key, Sneer, Specter, Treachorous Trio. MLJ Villains: Red Dugan, Gustave Ritter. Modified the entry for the Emperor at D-J Villains.

Golden-Age Heroes pages: Added The Key, Dick Dash, Prop Powers, Congo King, Lucky Wings, Snowman. Modified Adventure Incorporated, Will O' the Wisp

MLJ Heroes: Added Devils of the Deep, Gypsy Johnson, Stuart Logan, Jack Strand/Jack Strong. Modified the Fox, Ty-Gor, Doc Strong, Rang-a-tang.



Profiles: Sam Broot, Death, Mr. Death, Indira, Kalla Khan, Mad Fiddler, Nicoli, Walrus Men.

Golden-Age Heroes pages: Added Mr. Universe, Kid Crusaders, Marvin the Great, Mystery Man, the Waco Kid. Modified Atoman, Blue Beetle, Green Mask, Music Master, Purple Zombie, Rex Dexter with more biographical data.

Fawcett Villains: Modified Nightowl with biographical information.

Edited the copyrights page with more information concerning Charlton, Magazine Enterprises, Standard/Nedor, as well as some links for anyone wanting to do further research online.


Did some research on copyrights of many comics and companies from the 1940s. Part of it was to clear up the ownership of the Quality characters. However, I uncovered a bigger surprise concerning the Charlton comics from the 1960s. Full article here


Profiles: Baroness Brunhilde, Butcher, Doctor Sinister, Duke Loran, faux Phantom Falcon, Four Horsemen of Doom, Great Que, Lady Satan, masked leader, the Mad Ming, Marko, Mask of Death, Norvo, Silver Fox, Suicide Master, Papaloi, Werewolf, Yellow Hoard

Villains K-Z: Modified the Mallet information, re-wrote and corrected some of the info on the Vulture's Claw, Von Lougg

Villains D-J: Modified and corrected info for Dr. Ting Loy

Golden-Age Heroes pages: Added Joe Braily, "Rip" Burns, Frank Fairplay, Jerry Frost, Fury of the Foreign Legion, Dick Hurston, G-Man Gene, the Owl (Centaur), Diana Deane, Duke Peters, Jimmy and Jean, Jimmy Murray, and Red Blaze (not Red Blazer nor Captain Red Blazer). Modified Blackout, Craig Carter, Copper Slugg, the Deacon, the Hood, Hurricane Harrigon, Pat Patriot, Phantom Falcon (including his death), Rag-man, Volton.

pyroman robot


Golden-Age Heroes pages: Added Roy Powers, Kalkor. Modified Mad Hatter, Black Lion

Profiles: The Blitz, The Chief, Gargoyle, the Ghost, Limping Man, Lone Wolf, Nagana, Robot Pyroman, Skull Warriors, Sky Pirates, White Killer DC Villains: The Fly. Fawcett Villains: Turtle Men. Quality Heroes: Jester II, X of the Underground. Quality Villains: Fraulein Halunke, Jester. Time/Atlas Villains: The Brain.



Golden-Age Heroes pages: Modified Phara, Jaguar Man, added Jaguar Man II, Thom McAn.

Profiles: Black Doom, Black Baron, the Bolt, Dr. Horror, Goldmaster, Marty Kantz, Redbeard. Willow-the-Wisp. DC Villains: Fiddler II, Fawcett Villains: Death, Lo-Kar. Quality Heroes: Captain Fortune Quality Villains: Cadava, the Headless Men, the Mad Poet, Mr. Mole. Modified on Villains K-Z page: Vulture's Claw, the Witch. Added publishing info for Dr. Carver on Fawcett Villains page

Hero-Goggles Comics and pulp reviews.

Liberty Company: A new blog page for fiction. Right now, a timelinee of 100,000 BC to 1 AD as it factors in pulps, adventure/mystery literature and superheroes.

power nelson

Golden-Age Heroes pages: Added Jerry Morris. Updated Punch Powers, Duke of Darkness, Samson. Added some speculation to Dynamic Man, gave a possible middle name to Shock Gibson.

MLJ Villains: Expand info of the Monocled Monster.

Profiles: Council of Vampires, Deathless Brain, Half-Man, Humpty Dumpty, the Mask, the Mummy Who Never Died, Norgo, Professor Evil, .Fawcett Villains: Korozan, Vampire Twins, Wickedness Inc., MLJ Villains: Satan

Hero-Goggles Power Nelson for President? And some comic reviews.

shock gibson


Golden-Age Heroes pages: Crash, Cork, and the Baron. Jungol. Fangs. Click Hunt. Lank Strong. Speed Taylor. Zaro. Modified Girl Commandos and Pat Parker, Flag-man, ZX-5.

PROFILES: Anti Shock Gibson, Brown Terror, Glutton, Professor Klar, Maata, William Owens, Rajo, the Wasp. Quality: Brick Bat, Black Shark, King of the Caverns, the Skeleton. Fawcett: Water Man.

captain aero


Golden-Age Heroes pages: Added Rod Ripley, Jack Bradley, Dinky Dibbs, Durrand Draw, Driftwood Davey, El Kuraan, Tamaa, Commandos of the Devil Dogs, Captain Aero's Sky Scouts, Hunt Bowman, Impossible Man, Red Riot, the Three Vets, Race Wilkins. Expanded Auro, Blue Circle, V-Man, Jun-Gal, King O'Leary, the Liberty Lads, Miss Victory, el Toreador. Clarified some info on Dr. Mercy, the Golden Archer, the Steel Fist, the Black Widow.

PROFILES: Colonel Mara, Death Mask, Death Mask Pilot, faux Blue Beetle, the Hag, Mad Monster, Major Zero, Super Phony. Revised listing for the Stinger, Dr. Cadaver with corrected information.

savage dragon


Hero-Goggles A look at the cover for an upcoming issue of Savage Dragon, The Avenger Chronicles from Moonstone as well as a pulp story of the same character.

Golden-Age Heroes pages: Added Dan Duffy

PROFILES Black Ned's Ghost



Golden-Age Heroes pages: Added a Crimson Avenger, Kit Carter aka the Cadet, Fearless Fellers, Masked Ranger, Rick Richards, Edison Bell, Spitfire Sanders. Barebones entry on the Crime Crusader. Updated Cat-Man, Blue Bolt.

PROFILES Leatherman, the Whip

red ann


Golden-Age Heroes pages: Added a couple of new entries including Red Ann, and Luna.

Hero-Goggles Review some stage productions I've seen recently as well as an Invaders trade and the recent Supernatural Essentials.

PROFILES Bunches of Villains: Crutch Killer, Devil Ladies, Ghoul of Galhalla, Mrs. Fay Guinn, King of the World that Time Forgot, Molo, Queen of Simba Land, The Voice, Satan's Shoe, Satanas, Druids, Kitemen, The Knife, Sapphire King, Sihn Fang, Thinking Machine, and Yaho


Hero-Goggles: HOT GIRL IN THE COMIC SHOP: A few links to places I found of interest in the last few days such as a site with a whole bunch of Old Time Radio shows of radio's premier air ace Captain Midnight!

Updated 04-15-08

America's Best Comics #14, 1945

The Case of the Extra Nazi Prisoner: An extra Nazi prisoner of war leads to a mass escape and death for hundreds if the Fighting Yank fails.

Scans from Bill Nolan's old Prescription for Excitement site.

updated 02-23-08


Hero-Goggles: Secret Secret Origin of Superman? Cash Gorman weighs in on Chris Knowles' theory that Action Comics #1 is based on a renaissance painting of Heracles and where superheroes got their costumes. Also a couple of links to read more about Fletcher Hanks and AC's upcoming Green Lama mini-series.

updated 12-03-07

Hero-Goggles: Secret Secret Origin of Batman: Think you know everything about the origins of Batman? Here's a bit of history of the character and some of the predecessors that lead up to him and other links along the evolutionary chain to comic book superheroes.

updated 11-30-07




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