Your are the most beautiful thing
I've ever seen
You shine just like sunlight rays
On a winter snow
I just had to tell you so

Your eyes sparkle as the stars
Like the moon they glow
Your smile could light the world on fire
Or did you know?

Your minds full of everything
That I want to know
I just had to let you know
I just had to tell you so
Your're my butterfly
Fly high
Fly fly fly

Lyrics/Song ~ Lenny Kravitz


There was an ugly caterpillar,
That would do not a thing but eat,
He thought he was quite handsome,
Then he saw his defeat.

He met a beautiful butterfly,
With wings that could expand,
"I can be like that!", he shouted,
And ate the leaf in his hand.

He tried his best,
He looked real tough,
"No," he sighed,
This will never be enough.

He felt tired one day,
So he took a nap,
Crawled into his pupa,
And shut that little cap.

When he woke up,
Everthing was different,
The sun was shining bright outside,
And the air smelled of mint.

He felt something on his back,
It was bright and dark blue,
He had become a butterfly,
His dream had come true!

~Author Unknown


I watched a tiny butterfly
Go swooping thru the air
Blue and gold and yellow
His colors were so fair

And as he sailed
Up in the sky
I rose upon tip toes
And to my surprise
Before my eyes
He landed on my nose!

My eyes they crossed
That I might see
This tiny little thing
But in a breath and heartbeat
The butterfly took wing.

~ Charlotte Anselmo ~

Your butterfly has truly emerged.
Bright, beautiful, symmetrical.
Blazing with colour.
Pinks for our love.
Deep reds for our hearts,
Our passions, our lips.
Yellows for our glow, our Light,
Our Spirits, our beautiful Sun.
Blues for our clear skies,
Our peace, our calm, your eyes.
Greens for our earth, our plants,
Our nature that surrounds
Our beautiful little bridge
That you built.
With hearts bonded and melted,
With pure love and sexiness,
With sheer poetry and excitement
Come fly with me.

~Author Unknown


Butterflies go fluttering by
On colored wings that catch the eye.
On wings of orange, and silvery blue,
On wings of golden yellow, too.
Butterflies float in the air,
Making their homes most anywhere:
The rainforest, field, and prairie land,
On mountaintops, and desert sand.
If winter brings the cold and snow,
To warmer climates, off they go!
Returning home the following spring,
Beautiful butterflies on the wing!

~Author Unknown


Bless me with the ability of a butterfly to endure the changes
that will happen to me in my lifetime. Help me to accept these
changes with a positive and loving attitude.

Bless me with the beauty of a butterfly to allow me to reflect
the colors of my soul, being and individuality, and to look for
these things in others.

Bless me with the ability of a butterfly to create and instill the
feeling of wonder, passion, and excitement towards all of your
living creatures.

Bless me with the butterflies' ability to pollinate your flowers,
so that I may cultivate your human garden with love and compassion.

Last, but not least, Lord,

Bless me with the grace of ascension, so that I may ascend into
your glorious heaven like a rising butterfly, when my journey
here on earth, is complete. Amen

~M. Dilts


On a cold Christmas Eve a long time ago, a small child was admiring
her Christmas tree. The fragrant tree had no ornaments, yet she was
thankful her poor family had been given one to celebrate the holiday.
She had fashioned a small star from scraps of paper to adorn the
very tip of the tree. Unbeknownst to her, tiny chrysalis hid among the
feathery branches and when the child went to sleep that night, magical
things began to happen. In the warm surroundings the chrysalis awoke
to reveal their bodies of crystal and wings of gold. Hundreds of butterflies
emerged and fluttered with their shimmering wings landing on the branches.
The child awoke to this surprising site with giggle of joy. This reminds us
that when we are thankful for what we have we will be blessed even more!

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