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October 99

Week 4 - Mouseover Interface & picture dicing

Yay! I did it - most of it works (working on the javascript a year after the lesson)!
On the 'interface' is an anchor tag required on each separate graphic? - the graphics that required no links show up with the default page url instead of being blank? Will have to check out the tutorial 'source' to see what they did to leave out the 'links'. Maye the browser works differently on-line than it does off line. (don't show url on tutotorial but when I do the same - blank "" for a href - the url still shows up on the status bar at the bottom)
Also - obviously 'alt' tags don't work with a graphical interface!!! --they leave a blank alt entry "" in the source document

Tutorial: MouseOver Interface - picture dicing
Tutorial Type - (basic, beginners, effects, plugins, web)

I didn't write up what was going on with this tutorial. It was an exercise in 'mouseovers' using javascript and picture dicing. Since it is now more than a year later and the mouse overs aren't working - I'm not sure what I was doing!
The 'on' graphics for the interface aren't loading? Ohhh! touchy - touchy! Little things (like leaving off beginning javascript tags and not changin image names etc make a difference)
The 'off' graphics for the bottom 'bar' aren't loading - (need second set of javascript?)

Download plugin: Picture Dicer (

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