PSPUG Self Learning Programme

February - TUBES

Week 2 - Create a Valentine tube

first 'cleaning' effortbe mine 'valentine
An exercise in 'cleaning up' - removed the original background using the selection tool. Did a better job on the one on the right months later when I was trying to 'catch up' on my lessons; seemed to grasp the concept better (can you see the 3 small areas in the first graphic where I missed cleaning the original background after everything was finished - you can tell by the missing drop shadow). Very useful basic lesson for PSP users! Still have trouble trying to figure out what tolerance I should set for the various types of selection.

be my 'valentine'

What did I learn?:
- cleaning up with the selection tool - hold down shift while selecting areas to add, hold down ctrl while clicking on selected areas you want to delete
- to ensure a transparent background, set the graphic to 'layer 1'
This week we will learn how to create tubes!

Assignment: Create your own valentine tube with three (3) or more images. Once you have created your tube, create a valentine card or image with that tube. You can make them as simple or as detailed as you like. They do not have to be animated.

This weeks tutorial 'Valentine Picture Tube is at:   (
Tutorial Type - (basic, beginners, effects, plugins, web)

Download: is at:   (
Optional download: is at:   (

Didn't follow through with second part of lesson - making a tube with flower wreath - the graphic I downloaded was a picture of the graphic with its dropshadow on a transparent background. Was previously 'cleaned up' - petals missing etc - not worth the effort!

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