PSPUG Self Learning Programme

April - 'Painting' with various PSP tools

Week 2 - Painting on Canvas

'linen' texture applied to graphic

Basis: change your basic background layer to layer 1, set Blend mode to 'multiply'. Add another layer, and bring it below layer 1 - keep it active. Open the desired texture graphic and in flood fill chose it as the pattern to be used. In the layer palette you can use the slider to adjust the opacity of the pattern on the graphic.

Tutorial: Painting on canvas (
Tutorial Type - (basic, beginners, effects, plugins, web)

Obtain Image: struct1.jpg ( (link doesn't work)

Assignment: To get your imaginative juices flowing, pretend that Martha Stewart has lived next door for the last three years and you've just about had it! Today, you're going to show her that she's not the only one that can make a silk purse out of a sow's ear. Using the technique used in the Study Session, show us a household item or article of clothing that you have made out of a unique material you've created! Let your imagination just take over.

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