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So how is my first attempt at a 'personalized' background? Needs work eh?

The real reason for my setting up a page here at Geocities is to understand how Geocities functions. I have been monitoring sites on a Genealogy webring and keep running into various people with different types of problems (AOL email really causes problems).

There has been so much discussion on the internet about Geocities and banners and watermarks etc, etc - that I figured the only way to really understand all the implications is to get my own Geocities site! So, for better or worse, here I am!

I took a couple of short courses; HTML 101 and Paint Shop Pro with Heartland Universitey (java reqired) (I even got a 'certificate'). Check out the bordered background that I designed for a friend while doing the PSP course 8-}

Pages on this site!

My Geocities Genealogy Page
GenePool WebRing...home page
Kelley - Kelly Ring...home page
Kelly Reunion 2000
Paint Shop Pro Users Group tutorials/homework
red alphabet - KellyAnnGothic font

Other pages I have had a hand in!

Gabbies does genealogy! 'best friend' Judy thinks I should list her site under "pages I almost did all myself". We met on-line when I was trying to help her with her html coding for the GenePool WebRing! I have learned a great deal about graphics while trying to assist Judy with her pages!
          Working out graphics for gabbies genweb site
Kelly Kanadian main genealogy site.
Sudbury Ontario GenWeb Site
County Ireland GenWeb site
Connecticut Helplist...part of Genealogy helplist (I maintain Connecticut, Deleware and Rhode Island)


Beginner Html...the basic course from Maricopia Colleges

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