Here is a listing of AutoSurf Traffic Exchanges

This is a cool way to make money. Run four or five at once and make money while you are away from your computer.

I am currently running QuickHits4Cash, AutoSurf4Cash, AutoHitsNow and NuclearHits at the same time on an older computer and raking in hundreds of credits every day!
Company Payout Timer Notes
$10 15 sec Return of 10%/month plus popups ok. Join this one now!
QuickHitsforCash $10 20 Sec 2,000 Credit =.25 Fast Earner
AutoHitsNow $5 30 Sec .3 Credits For Every Referral 5,000 cred=.16
AutoSurf4Cash $5 15 Sec 5 Referral Levels 15%,5%,4%,3%,2%
AutoSurfNow $5 25 sec Easy to hit payout.Watch for the free credits.
AutoVisiting $7.50 15 Sec AutoVisiting gives you credits for all your referrals 5 levels deep: 15% 5% 4% 3% 2%.
HitBuddies $10.00 20 sec Hit Buddies only pays for upgraded accounts. (Min 14.95/month)
NuclearHits $5 25 sec Wow .3 cred for every referral credit.
Traffic That Earns $10 10 Sec Both Auto and Manual Surf! 3 Referral levels Deep 10%,3%,1% One Popup
MightHit None 25 Sec 25% Referral level but they don't pay cash just credits.
For Future Programs payout timer Notes
For Future Programs payout timer Notes
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