The Reactions


"That's what happened that fateful day," Linna said. "For three and a half years we worked and trained, learning to survive on our own." She chuckled a little. "One of the things Ceri learned was that she has a real knack for illusion spells. So during our travels, she could appear as a rather broken-down old cob of a horse."
::Well, that was the only way I could make *you* look good,:: Ceri interjected.
Linna stifled her laughter at the comment, which only she had heard. "Unfortunately, it's a rather tiring spell to maintain. More than once, it dissolved at the *worst* possible time. That's why we decided that she should wait outside the city. We weren't sure how people here would react to her.
"Anyway, last month Frankelin and Father Mingon decided we were ready to set off on our search. It was Frankelin who suggested we start here in Montfort, since people, stories, and rumors all eventually make it here. We're hoping to learn where we can find unicorns--probably a group of them that live in one specific area near a human city or village. Do any of you know of such a place?"
Melyda shook her head slowly. "That's an amazing tale, Linna. I've never even *read* of such a spell. And I'm afraid I can't help you find any unicorns--the best I've heard are rumors of rumors." Melyda looked around the table, waiting for the others to answer Linna's question and wondering if there really could be a positive response.
Still seemingly not taking the others serious about this talk of Unicorns, Sherwood mentions the Land of Legends. "There's a place I've not visited that might have Unicorns, though it lies far from here. It's called Fargoth. Why, it's so far away, I've only heard of it in tales. What say you, Bard? Have you heard of any tales of Fargoth?" His smile belies the fact that he thinks he's made a joke.
"Oh every Bard knows songs and stories about Unicorns." Karyn said casually, plucking at her lute. "Most of them, though, are either fanciful or farcical. Some say Fargoth was the only piece of land not destroyed in the Great Flood, and that is how the Unicorns survived the Drowning of the World. Of course, some other tales speak of a strange elven maid who led the Unicorns to safety..." (At the mentioning of this tale Elwynn began a rather forced visual examination of the rafters.) "...and others say that the Unicorns all died in the deluge. As far as any present-day sightings go, well, there are always rumours and legends to the effect. Nothing very solid to go on, and nothing that I would recommend you search for, I'm afraid."
The elf-maid had pulled a beastiary book out of her hat and opened it up to the pages concerning unicorns.
"This is the most up to date entry on Unicorns that I have." she said. "Nothing in it about human beings transforming into Unicorns except under the effects of spells or curses. Princess Ioline of Havenwood was said to have been transformed into a Unicorn to preserve her innocence. There are other documented incidents, but nothing which directly resembles your particular case."
She passed the book around the table.
"If you don't mind," she said, "I would like to have a closer look at your friend. I might be able to render some assistance, although most spells of this sort are very difficult to break. Perhaps I might be able to shed some light on the exact nature of your friend's condition."
"I regret to have to tell you that I know of no unicorns locations and I suspect they prefer it that way. But I too, would like to talk to your friend if thats possible. I am no mage of any consequence and can not measure myself against a bard for knowledge of such mysteries, but if I were to look for any normal creature I would ask myself questions like where such creatures dwell by preference, what they eat and what we know of it's habits. And in the case of unicorns I would think it of paramount importance to know if they shy away from particular things." {Or people.} Looking at Linna, "Does my Lady have need for a fool to ask questions when accompannied by wise folk who have the much weightier talent of answering such inquieries?"
"It's all here in my book." Elwynn said, presenting it to Dwynn. "See? There's a whole thing here about food, and another bit about habits. For example, did you know that Unicorns will naturally shy away from all humans, except for those pure in mind, body and spirit? There was this Galahad fellow I knew once...."
"I think what my friend is refering to is the legend about Unicorns and virgins." Karyn interjected. "The legend says that a unicorn can be lured to lay its head in the lap of a true maiden....that is, if one believes in such things."
"Aye, we've heard those stories. We had to fend off a couple of parties who wanted to use Ceri as a test for a prospective bride." Linna smiled wryly, then turned her attention to Dwynn. "And there's no need to call me 'Lady,' Dwynn. I'm as common as they come."
"Yes, my Lady."

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